31 March 2007

Hello, hello

Hey all. I'm Tammy from Southern Alberta, Canada and waiting here patiently till 12:01 am to cast on my first pair of socks for the plunge.

I'm all set and have gone thru some of my stash and well, it is time to knit socks especially since I have taken over from my Aunt in knitting socks for the hubby and inlaws. I have yet to make my hubby a pair of socks, so this will be his year, gotcha, April Fools, lol. I will try to get at least one pair made for him ;) plus what I can make to donate to the local Women's Shelter.

Here's a sample(the good stuff) of what I have kicking about the house, I've posted some other pics on my blog of what I have hidden.

Flash my stash

With the kick-off tomorrow I was going through my little sock yarn stash too see what I have :) so here's a flash :) Top is Socks that Rock Rolling Stone, White Willow handyed (an Etsy seller) in Cinder, Fleece Artist, DCB Confetti. Middle row is Regia, Regia Crazy Colors, another DCB Confetti, Trekking XXL #133, Lorna's Laces Vera and Bottom is Lorna's Laces Purple Iris and Lorna's Laces Bittersweet (I have a skein of each already would into balls)
Feel free too flash your stashes as well, it'll be fun too see what we all have :)
I also have some Socks that Rock in Garnet Dreams all ready too go for tomorrow, I forgot too grab that for the pic :)

Greetings from Connecticut

Hello to everyone.

My name is Claudia. I resided in Northeastern Connecticut and am very excited in being part of this KAL. I love to knit socks and as I car pool to work, I get a lot of knitting time in before and after work (which I really need in order to clear my mind and de stress.)

My twin sister just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Madison, so she will be the recipient of many pairs of socks that I will be working on.

here we go!

I must be crazy, but I did it. I signed up for this awsome challange to knit 52 pairs in one year. I do need to knit a lot of baby/kid socks this year since everyone seems to be pregnant around here. (Is it contagious? Cause I'd need to keep away from them.) So I figure I might make it. I will enjoy this experience anyway.

So, who am I? I am a Dutch 25-year old who discovered knitting a year ago and fell in love with knitting socks about 8 months ago. I have two cats, no kids and a loving partner with whom I've bought a house with in Holland. At the moment I have two pairs in progress. One for a friend who's getting married in three weeks and one for me in a flickering flames pattern.

So here we go! Tomorrow is April 1st and I'll start knitting socks crazely.

30 March 2007

I'm Ready to Take the Plunge

I made an inventory of my sock yarn in January and determined that, at the rate I have been knitting socks, averaging 9 pairs a year since 2000, I have 20 years worth of sock yarn to knit with. That's at least 270 skeins of sock yarn! (Some are 50 gram and some are 100 gram skeins.) I toned down my sock yarn purchases dramatically, except for Stitches West in February. I've used stash yarn to knit all of the socks I've recently made. I joined a few swaps and got rid of some yarn that way. (More came in the mail, but that's another story!) Last year I made a concerted effort to finish all of my second socks and pretty much succeeded, and hope to do the same this year. I finished a pair last night, which is the fourth pair I've finished in March, so I think I might be able to keep up with all of you. I can always knit CIC socks if I fall behind. I have lots of first socks to finish the mates to, so that helps.

I started a new pair of socks last night after finishing up the last pair. I was thinking they would be the infamous Monkey socks, but I may change my mind, depending on how the yarn looks knit up. I'm still on the ribbing right now. I will post my progress on my blog. The yarn is dark and looks like it would like to be Dublin Bay or maybe Maple Leaves.


Hi from Texas :)

Hey everyone!
My name is Leah and I live in south Texas. I didn't really like knitting socks much (finished two pairs) and then I tried knitting them toe-up and I was hooked. I have Socks Soar on Two Circulars headed to my house now, so I'll be trying them toe up on two circs. I also discovered Lorna's Laces and now I'm hooked!

I'm a newlywed who works full-time and goes to school as well (working towards a Master's). My husband is looking forward to some new socks for himself soon.

I am really excited about this!!!!


many hellos!

I decided to join yesterday in a moment of weakness. I have a problem finishing pairs of socks, so I was thinking "hey, if I set this goal for myself, I can finish all those mates and sock club kits that are languishing in my stash".

So last night I took a state of the sock inventory: 9 mateless socks, with 1 mate on the needles and one unfinished single on the needles. I think I'll start out Sunday with finishing up those mates, and so I may have two pairs of finished socks to show per week for a few weeks, but only one "pair" knit. ;)

I made a spreadsheet. I didn't plan out all 52 weeks, but as I am an extremely unorganized person, I know that if I don't plot out at least some, I will be distracted by the shiny new.

Tonight, I plan on taking a sock yarn stash inventory (i'm sure the sheer numbers are terrifying, as sock yarn does not "count" as stash enhancement, gulp.) and pattern inventory of things I want to knit from books & websites. Wish me luck and hope I come out alive!

If I were smart...

I'd quit finishing socks before the KAL starts! So far since deciding to join in I've finished 4 pairs of socks, and I'm coming up on the 5th. You'd think I'd want to hold up to give me some leeway, but I guess I'm kind of dorky like that. I think this whole thing is a great idea and I'll be glad to finally use up some of the stash that I obviously wanted to knit at one point in time. I do have enough yarn for more than 50 pairs, if you count dye-your-own yarn that is not yet dyed. My plan is to knit as many socks as I can from books that I have and of course Socks that Rock club patterns as they come out. I'm a pretty selfish knitter, so most of the socks I will keep, but I'm sure I'll be giving away a good part of the loot. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and happy knitting!


Hi All! :)

I joined the KAL a few days ago but have been kinda busy. I wanted to make sure I said "hey" to the group before we get started. I've been knitting on and off for a few years now. I got interested when I was working at a Dr's office and one the patients was sitting in the waiting room knitting a cute little baby item. I basically taught myself how to knit. Even though I was able to get the basics down, I had real issues with getting gauge. That was the cause for alot of discouragement and for my "off" times. A couple of years ago, I learned a technique for controlling the tension on my yarn and I've been since dubbed a "knit geek" by my daughter. Pretty much any of my free time is spent knitting and reading.

I think I might have been temporarily insane when I signed up this. 52 pairs of socks is quite a feat. But I'm going to give it my best shot. Forturnately, I have quite a few little feet to knit for. My DH and I have 6 children. That gives a lot of feet to knit for, but causes a bit of a problem when it comes to actually having time to do the knitting. I'm hoping that since socks are one of the more portable projects you can do, that will help that sometimes when I have to be somewhere my socks can go with me.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing all pretty footwear you guys are going to create. How many patterns do you all have lined up already? Does anyone have 52 patterns? Are you planning on knitting more than one pattern more than once? I'm curious what kind of game plan everyone has come up with to actually do a pair a week.

another crazy new member

Hi, all! I'm another crazy new member. I'm Anastacia, and I'm from MA & of course I love to knit socks. I'm also an avid crocheter, love to read, travel, go camping & yard saling.

I'm planning on mainly knitting ww children's socks for Children in Common.

Hopefully I can knit up a few pairs for hubby & I, too!

I've been knitting for them for, oh, 3 or so years now, I think roughly, but have needed a jump start lately. Anyways, I'm really excited about this, and thanks so much for having me!

Another sock addict jumping on board...

Hi all. I am Kellie from New Zealand and I am a sock addict. I completed my first pair in February and have now made 5 complete pairs and 2 singles and created a not too shabby yarn stash, lol. I am also currently involved in the Sock A Month KAL http://www.samkal3.blogspot.com, and SockMadness 2007 http://www.sockmadness.wordpress.com, so they will both help boost my tally. Between socks for me, DH, The Little Guy (nearly 2), everyone now requesting gift socks, and the role knitting plays in maintaining my sanity, I am optimistic that I can average a pair a week.

Nice to share the addiction with others - almost makes it 'normal' right?!

29 March 2007

52 pairs of socks?

Upon hearing I'd signed up for this KAL, my DP said, "Cool, I guess I'm going to get a lot of socks this year." Heh, I suppose he's probably right. And then the realization that I'd just signed on to knit 52 pairs of socks in a year sunk in and I looked at all my yarn and my needles and my hands and thought, whoa, that's a lot of knitting! But since I hardly knit anything but socks these days, why not?!

I came to sock knitting reluctantly. I hated making my first few pairs, and it showed in how poorly they fit and how sloppy my finishing was. When I started knitting them toe-up on two circulars, though, everything sort of clicked for me and now I'm fully addicted.

Anyway, *wave* my name is Aimee, I live in California, I'm a stay-home homeschooling hippy mama to a five year-old daughter who keeps asking me to knit her socks and I keep putting it off knowing she'll outgrow them faster than I can knit them. Maybe tube socks for her, without a heel she could wear them longer...

Some of my socks are here.

Socks . . . Some Assembly Required

This morning, I had never heard of a "knit-along", and now I'm in one! 52 Pair Plunge, indeed. This may be the first time my pattern of jumping into a subject with both feet is really on target! Picture shows the top layer of what some term a stash, but I have learned that since it is all sock yarn, and it has a designated purpose to be made into socks, it really should be known as "Socks - Some Assembly Required". I've been in a sock knitting frenzy since the first of the year . . . playing along with this KAL will give some purpose, since I have already decided to make socks for Christmas gifts this year. My basket contains in the general neighborhood of 32 pairs, with maybe a couple extra pairs made from the scraps of others. That seems like a pretty good start! Also shown in my 3-inch binder just full of sock patterns I have collected from the internet, and a few books. As we move on in our adventure, I have a couple vintage knitting books from the 1940's of which I'll snap some pictures for sharing.

I learned to knit while in high school, and still wear my first sweater. Foolishly, the first socks I made at that time were for one of the guys that I grew up with . . . foolish, because he wore size 15 shoes! That's not even the worst part . . . I made knee highs that had his Greek affiliation on a panel up one side, and his college on the other. They took so long to knit, I kind of lost my enthusiasm, and haven't done socks again until about 3 years ago when I first stumbled upon some of the self-striping yarns. Looking forward to getting to know everyone . . . we're really going to have fun! Needles at the ready, let the countdown begin!

Hi from Canada

Hi, i'm excited too try this, I figure it's a good way too at least knit for my 2 girls who are 2 1/2 and 10 mon. and see how many 'adult' size socks I can squeeze in there too :) i've been looking over some patterns already


I made it!

It has been a very long day, and I have finally arrived home. It's good to be here, and thanks for having me.
My son's birthday is April 1st, my mother's April 3rd. I have lots of "victims" to knit socks for, I have lots of sock yarn in my stash, I have plenty of patterns --- what can go wrong?
Oh yeah....there might be that little issue of time...but since I always have a sock going no matter what else I am working on, I am defininitely going to have fun with this.
I can't wait to show you what yarn I am going to use to kick off this crazy year of knitting 52 pairs! All I am hoping now is that this isn't someone's idea of an April Fool's joke...:)


I too have thought this was a little crazy, but with Sock Madness, I'm seeing how fast I can be if I want to, and a pair a week isn't seeming quite as daunting anymore. Plus with the option of baby socks as filler, I think it'll be a little more reasonable. So what if my participation in Knit From Your Stash has only had me knitting from the one part of my stash that doesn't count as stash? ;)


new member

I have been watching this KAL since it first started and kept thinking to myself " 52 pairs of socks you have to be kidding, that's alot of socks" but as I watched people join and kept looking over at the tub of sock yarn I thought to my self. " maybe" " no that's just crazy I can't knit that many" I'm the worlds slowest sock knitter and even worse then that I have a bad habit of only knitting one sock before moving on to another project. But as people continue to join and the starting date nears I couldn't help myself I had to join. So I guess I should ask.l. if I go back and knit the other sock to all thoes single socks does that count towards the 52??

I may not make it to 52 but I bet we all have fun trying!

thank you

Thank you for letting me join. I am looking forward to buying the yarns for all these socks.

thank you

Thank you so much for letting me join I cannot wait to get started.


Hey there, Gals & Pals!

I can hardly believe it, but we've passed the 50-member mark!
(And we've still got 9.5 days for sign-ups!)

I'm also writing this memo for another reason...
My friend, Beth in WI, brought an important point to my attention -- some people in this KAL may not have an idea what to do with all the socks they're pledging (if everyone meets their goal, there will be 2,808 more pairs of socks in the world come April 2008). She shared the following with me:

I was reading the new copy of Guideposts magazine, and there is an article about a program called anysoldier.com, which you can use to find a soldier (or sailor, etc.) who doesn't get much mail.I went there immediately, and clicked on anysailor.com (Mr. Beth is a Navy vet) and started looking for women's names. After about four clicks I found a female canine handler who works with a bomb-sniffing dog. In her comments she wrote about several things that sailors would appreciate getting, then said this: "Anything on the feminine side would be great because we keep getting packages with male stuff in it. We could always use socks made for smaller feet because they don't sell any womens socks over here."Ring a bell? Light a bulb? Make you want to knit socks?

May this inspire you and also open discussion on other possible charities that could benefit from our busy hands!


guess I should introduce myself too :) I'm Eva, from Luxembourg, and I'm crazy for trying this hehehe.

I've seen several familiar faces so far and I hope to get to know the other faces too.

I have enough yarn for the 52 pairs (I think even that you won't even notice that I've used sock yarn by the end of this KAL hehehe), but of course couldn't resist to order more before starting.

My plan is to knit mostly socks for me and baby socks. I normally knit 4 or 5 pairs at once... one sock of each pair and then when I've got 4-5 singletons, I'll knit their twins. But now that I need to finish a pair a week I'll knit baby socks when I notice that I won't make it. I don't have a baby or even know people who have/get them, but I'm planning on selling them on etsy by the time xmas rolls around.

I also just started a KAL for the Bellocq Stockings from Stitch Diva.

Cheers Eva

28 March 2007

Introducing... Me!

Hi all! When I heard about the 52 pair plunge I just knew I had to join. I knit 50 pairs of socks in 2006 (most of those towards the end of the year) and although I claimed I was going to diversify this year, I just keep knitting socks.

All my socks are on my blog if you're interested.

I can't wait to get started!

Woot! Woot!

Hi one and all. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this sock party as it seems that socks are all that I ever knit. I was hoping to diversify this year, but it seems as if I can't stop knitting socks. They fit so well into my busy life. Just what I need after a busy day working in the high school.

Anyway, I must hurry to finish these socks so I can start the KAL fresh. Things are going well with them. As of this time I have both legs done and I'm ready to start the heel flap.

If all goes well I should have the pair done by Saturday! Keep your eyes on these socks - I have a really neat foot planned and a different style toe!
Cheers, Abigail


I cant wait to start. My name is Casey and I live in Mn. I love to knit and have a problem finishing up socks. I have a rid amount of sock yarn. So I am so in. I have three pairs started that I have put on pause to finish for this. I dont if I will the full 52 but I will try


LittleKnits Arrived!

Yay! Sock yarn has come! heeheehee. : )


Hi Everyone,

My name is Necia also known as Jane of All Trades When I ran across this KAL on a blog, I knew I wanted in. Why, is another question. I'm gonna assume, I'm not like most here, that being I don't necessairly enjoy making socks. There are sock lovers, and then there is me. Someone who makes socks, because of how extremely portable they are, how popular they are, how awesome they feel on my feet, and how mindless the knitting can be on them.

Many of my friends have questioned my sanity, and to be honest I've questioned it too, but I still think this KAL is a nifty idea. I adore stockinette socks, and when I really think about it, I can make a pair a week. The challenge for me is can I make 52 pairs in 52 weeks. Only time will tell.

I have a great stash start, and I can't wait to get started! Of course, I'm in between socks right now. I have 2 separate pairs started. I plan to finish 1 of each by the 1st. When the 1st arrives I will kick off that weeks pair with separate socks to form the pair. I hope that's ok. Hey a pair is a pair, right?

Well, I like to wish everyone luck, and of course I'll be around cheering everyone on.


An Here We Go

Hi, my name is Lara and I am a sock/yarn addict.

Things to get done before April 1:

1. Get zip lock bags to hold all my socks that I will complete, except for the mate
2. Put all appropriate size dpn's and 36" or larger circulars in central, within reach location so casting on a new sock will be quick and painless
3. Practice entering credit card number at sock yarn sites, so when purchases are necessary things will go smooth. Note to self - pay off balance so there is room to charge new yarn
4. Accumulate as many new patterns as possible to keep things fresh
5. Get foot measurements of all people in my friends/family circle, preferably only the ones with small feet (kidding).

I am looking forward to this challenge and meeting new people through 52 Pair Plunge. So you can get to know me, feel free to visit my blog at Trixie's Stix. Can't wait to see all the beautiful socks everyone makes!

27 March 2007

Hello from New Hampshire!

Hi! I saw the announcement of the 52 Pair Plunge on eKNITabeth's blog shortly after she posted it, and the idea nagged at me until I joined. I have recently embarked on a sock yarn binge and this endeavor is the perfect justification for my buying spree!

I am a stay-at-home mom and small farmer in New Hampshire. I have three kids - ages 24 (lives nearby), 15 and 9. We also have four dogs (one of them a five-month-old puppy), three cats, five alpacas, two dairy goats (one of them due in mid-April, the other due in early May if she is indeed pregnant - I'm still not sure), and about two dozen chickens. I learned to knit as a small child and picked it up at various times during my life, becoming "serious" about it around the time DD (the 15 yr old) was born. I also spin, quilt, weave, etc, etc.

I have two blogs - one about my fiber arts at http://fiberarts.typepad.com and the other one about the farm (generally far less interesting and more for my own reference of what was done when) at http://nexusalpacas.blogspot.com . I also have a podcast, The FiberCast, that I started last year. I managed ten episodes and then life intervened in a big way, and I've been on ... an extended hiatus, shall we say... until recently. The FiberCast has now been revived with renewed enthusiasm, and I'm sure our little group will merit a mention on the next show!

I have one pair of socks almost finished (stacking the deck in my favor that I'll be able to finish at least that pair the first week!) and I'm working on another pair. I'm also collecting family shoe and foot size information in anticipation of whipping out a few (or a dozen) pairs of worsted or bulky-weight slipper socks for the holidays!

Nice to be here with fellow over-achievers!

Hello from Liverpool

Hi, everyone. Thanks for inviting me to join this KAL. I'm not sure if I can manage 52 pairs, and I'm also not sure what I am going to do with them all, but that's not going to stop me.
I have started collecting patterns together and have been to the depths of my yarn stash to find suitable sock making yarn. I am going to use my stash to make as many pairs as I can before buying more yarn. (Of course, this isn't going to happen! I'll be lucky if I make it to Saturday before I acquire more sock yarn! But I do have good intentions.)

I live in south Liverpool, UK with my husband, son and two cats.

I can't wait to get started. Happy knitting to you all.

Angie mymerseyparadise

26 March 2007

Hello... To All Of You Crazy Sock Knitters!

It feels good to be a part of a group of other knitters.. namely sock knitters that are crazy enough to attempt 52 pairs in one year's time!
Yayyyy US!
I have a feeling each of us will accomplish all that we want and need to... I've stocked up on sock yarn and this is the perfect excuse... er.. outlet for buying more? Hmmm... I think this is going to be lots and lots of FUN!
The pair of socks in the picture were just finished this past weekend.. They are in the Chocolate Fantasy colorway by Duet Sock Yarns. Aren't they fun?!
I look forward to seeing everyone's progress throughout the year!
Happy SOCK Knitting! Ann K.

take 2

I forgot to introduce myself, I am Agusta in Iceland

Just saying Hello

Hi just popped in to say hi and that I am looking forward to this KAL, this is my first so I am pretty exited. I am thinking about doing a list of patterns that I am going to do and for the first 10 or so pairs and find yarn for them and try to stick to the list more or less.
I am still working on setting up my blog but it will be at stashdiva.blogspot.com in the near future.

I Think I'm Ready!

I just participated in a knit-off over at Socktopia (blogspot)this weekend and found out I can knit a pair of socks in less than 48 hours. My hands are killing me, but I now know that it can be done. When I finished them this morning it was my 9th pair of finished socks so far this year!! I hope I can keep up the pace.



Hey there, gals & pals!

You will be happy to know that we are now 40 strong!
I am so excited that each and every one of you has joined...
Now get out there and convince some of your friends that they're crazy enough to join in too!

A BIG thanks to those of you who are already putting out the word. We've been 'site'd on the
Knitty.com boards and been mentioned on Lime & Violet's #30 podcast!

Best Wishes to all!

Ready for the plunge?

I know I am!

I am armed with my Knitpicks circulars, a mess of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, pairs and pairs worth of Fleece Artist, some old Opal and Austermann, and some Cookie A. patterns.

I am so excited to be in the company of people who are as hard-core as I am, and can't wait to get started!


wait for it....

Hi. Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I'm waiting for April 1st and trying to clear out some of my UFO's before the month starts.

52 is a big number...I've been collecting patterns that I want to knit and this is my way of knitting all of those wonderful socks AND shop for more incredible sock yarn!! A win-win situation!!


25 March 2007

What?!? I did what?

I am starting to get a little nervous about the Plunge. What will I do with the socks? How much will it cost? Will my fingers take all those small needles? What about spinning time?

At the same time....Whoo Hoo, Yippee, this will be fun. There's no Knitting Police. There will be no Death by DPN (sounds like a M. Seaton book) for failure. And, I figure, the stories from this blog will be frightfully amusing.

Looking forward to knitting with you.

Elysbeth C.

24 March 2007


While it won't count, thought y'all might like to see the round 2 Sock Madness pair I just completed. Have no clue whether my opponent this round is done with hers yet or not, and don't really care. I've been "meeting" lots of FUN folks and makin' new friends and having a blast. Group pics at Flickr.

Little over 26 hours from start last night to finish this evening. Considering the thunderstorms we had last night, the power outage, the horses that got out that we had to chase down in the middle of all that and the fact that this old bod MUST sleep now and then, I didn't think that was too bad.

Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill, colorway "Blueberry Hill", size 2 addis, done on magic loop.

23 March 2007

Happy dance!

Hi! I'm Tika. Like Jools, this is my first KAL and I'm new to socks. This should be fun! I'm excited and a little nervous, but I have a list of 29 people who will be recieving socks as Christmas presents so 52 pairs by April didn't seem TOO unreasonable. My roommate is going to be tired of finding sock yarn stashed all ove the house, but he'll live. I plan to order a bunch of undyed superwash from Knit Picks and color it myself, but we'll see how ambitious I am after Spring Break is over.

Looking forward to this!

*dancing around wildly brandishing dpns*

Can't wait for this to start, can't wait for this to start...greetings to everyone, this is my first KAL and I am also very new to "socking"! My current handknit sock stash comprises four pairs (being wearable, that is...), two knit by my boyfriend's granny and two pairs by me...but the yarn stash holds many a skein of lovely sock yarn (though I heard that they don't really count as stash...something I still have to convince my boyfriend of, he is a doubter still) waiting to be knit into lovely socks!

I have already collected quite a few patterns (I think that maybe knitting my generic stockinette pattern will be a bit boring over the course of 52 socks) and ordered the Interweave book...this IS so mighty exiting!

22 March 2007

I'm greasin' up the needles as we speak! I can't wait!

What FUN!

Many thanks Elizabeth for the "kick in the pants" idea for this! With the whole family wanting socks, I can always use any excuse that comes along to keep me on track to supply them. Have one pair going for a DIL and my rockinsockclub pair otn, and am trying my best to be patient (NOT an easy task for me!) waiting for the next pattern to be sent out for round 2 of Sock Madness. Should be emailed to us sometime in the next 4 1/2 hours. Pics are on the flickr group if y'all would like to take a peek...

SandyK here, married to "the spoiler", mom to a blended family of 10 and G'ma to 21 1/2 (#22 is due in July). Just hubby the spoiler and I here at home along with 3 cockers,3 humongous (10" plus) goldfish, 5 horses of our own and another coming "to board" sometime this next week.

If there's a needlecraft out there, I've most likely done it at some point over the last 50+ years. My mom and her mother started teaching me most of them around the age of 4 1/2. Neither knit, so I taught myself that one by diving in and going for it. Worked in a couple shops in the '80's in the Palm Springs area teaching and drafting custom patterns. Mostly knit for family and friends after that until the last year or two when I started doing shop samples for a shop in the San Diego area.
Starting last month, I recently started doing some design work again as well.

Looking forward to "meeting" everyone and making LOTS of socks!!


Rehash from eknitabeth DOT typepad DOT com...

The week of 1 April (in honor of my birthday, which is not 1 April but IS during that week), The 52 Pair Plunge KAL will commence. Anyone interested in participating must pledge to knit 52 pairs of socks between now and 1 April 2008. There is no restriction on type of sock (child/adult/decorative/etc.) or level of difficulty or material used. Have fun with it! Of course, it is suggested to do a pair of socks each week of the year, but for those of us who like to procrastinate ;D... you just need to have 52 pairs done by the date above. If you're interested in participating, please help yourself to the button below AND please send me an email (eknitabeth AT gmail DOT com) so i can track your progress!
Best of Luck!

01 March 2007

Hello & welcome!

Hi, I'm E. and I'm the moderator for this KAL.
I wish you all the best of luck.
You can check out my personal blog using the link below:


Happy Knitting!