28 March 2007


Hi Everyone,

My name is Necia also known as Jane of All Trades When I ran across this KAL on a blog, I knew I wanted in. Why, is another question. I'm gonna assume, I'm not like most here, that being I don't necessairly enjoy making socks. There are sock lovers, and then there is me. Someone who makes socks, because of how extremely portable they are, how popular they are, how awesome they feel on my feet, and how mindless the knitting can be on them.

Many of my friends have questioned my sanity, and to be honest I've questioned it too, but I still think this KAL is a nifty idea. I adore stockinette socks, and when I really think about it, I can make a pair a week. The challenge for me is can I make 52 pairs in 52 weeks. Only time will tell.

I have a great stash start, and I can't wait to get started! Of course, I'm in between socks right now. I have 2 separate pairs started. I plan to finish 1 of each by the 1st. When the 1st arrives I will kick off that weeks pair with separate socks to form the pair. I hope that's ok. Hey a pair is a pair, right?

Well, I like to wish everyone luck, and of course I'll be around cheering everyone on.


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Karin said...

That is what I am hoping, to initially complete pairs that I have started, making sure I make 2 socks per week.
Hope that's OK?
(waiting to be approved)