31 July 2007

17 of 52

As the patterns get harder or require more attention, my pace will slow down. I should just pick an easy one to complete before the week is up. This is MASH up Madness in Lorna's Lace Glenwood color. More on my blog.

2 pairs for July!

Ok, not much, but still (considering I had an accident at the beginning of July) a nice set (by the way, I actually finished 3 pair this month the one of them went hiding and I have no pictures yet, still need to track down the socks!).

Pomatomus 02


Baudelaire 01


Out of laziness, for more info visit my blog!

30 July 2007

6 pairs for July

I fell behind in June, but I was able to catch up this month. I now have 17 pairs completed and I think I'm pretty much back on track in getting one per month done. Up there from left to right on the top are Spey Valley Socks, Up-Down Spiral Sox, and Two-Yarn Resolable Socks. On the bottom row are Dalarna Socks, The Solstice Slip, and Coriolis socks.

Check out my blog if you'd like to see more details! It sure feels good to be back in the running :)

29 July 2007

#10 and #11

I blogged about #10 before but couldn't show the picture at that point, so here it is now.

And #11 was finished last week:

I hope to finish #12 very soon. :)

Pair 7 of 52, okay that took the shine off finishing : )

Finished another pair. Tragically they are flawed, but they're socks and ask me if I care. ; ) I do need to stop trying to learn new techiques and make some actual socks that could be given as gifts to others. Although I love these colours and since they're flawed I will have to keep them. Gee, rats.

Knit with ZenString Serendipity Sport in the Summertime Rolls colourway. From The Loopy Ewe. Done on 3.25 mm, toe up using the Rectangular toe, Queen Kahuna Gusset/Heel, and Garter Rib leg.

28 July 2007

I'm On A Roll (sort of)

Pair 11 just came off the needles. I knit these in Lorna's Laces Tahoe (this yarn was a birthday present from my daughter last year). I used another of Monica's patterns, so I can't show you the design on the leg and instep (but it is very cool looking and was fun to knit).

I think I will go work on pair #12 now.

27 July 2007

Double Digits

Woo Hoo! I've gotten to double digits! Pair number 10 is done. I knit these in Lorna's Laces Vera colorway. The design was created by my sister Monica and was very fun to knit.

Pair ~ 28

Done. Finished. Grafted the toes, wove in ends, and trimmed off any extra. Without further ado - Front and Back of Heart-a-Palooza. Purposely, there is a definite Right and Left.


Supersock in Cherry, 100% superwash merino with a lovely hand and great twist. The fronts are patterned, as is the heel. The backs and soles are done in ribbing to adapt to a wide variety of leg and foot shapes.


Thirteen of Fifty-Two

I finished pair thirteen. They are Belle Maman socks for my Sockapalooza Pal. I used Austermann Step #09 (whiskey). More details here.

Happy knitting!
Sheri aka Lexa

26 July 2007

Pair Nine

Due to a trip out of town and a guest blogger, I am unable to post a photo. But you can view them Trixie's Stix: What have I done for her lately?.

These are JJ's Jaywalkers by Grumperina. The yarn is Hill Country's Sweetfeet in the Mountain Laurel colorway. I like them.

July's first week sock #8

Pattern: Chevon variety pattern
66 stitches
Yarn: Regia 2x50g sock yarn stretch
Needles: US 0/2mm Addi Turbos 40"
Start:7/1/2007 - 7/10/2007
Work and other life is busy and I am so very behind, here's my #8 and I have 2 more done and awaiting to bind off. OTN is a Jaywalker and hope to get done this weekend. I also start knitting a bag which required lots of counting, so I might not have sock in August. I will post pictures as soon as I got them bind off!!

25 July 2007

Eight And Only A Tiny Bit Late

Here are my On-Your-Toes Socks from IK Summer '07, knit in Tofutsies. Great design courtesy of Ann Budd. This makes pair eight on my way to 52! Let's see . . . that is 15% complete. Oh. my.

PS ~ you can see more photos on my blog: Trixies Stix.

Oh my did you see all the free sock patterns on the IK preview page?!

24 July 2007

Pair #8

What a great way to use up the extra Sockotta yarn, and put me up another pair...this pair is for a co-worker due in November.

23 July 2007

Loving Dye-anamics!

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I have finished another pair with Dye-anamics! yarn. They have the best yardage for the price too. 430 yards. I have enough yarn left over for a child's pair of socks and the colors are so beautiful.

Colorway Ocean Dreams
Women's Size Large on size 3 KP Classic Circular Needles
Cuff Down

Pairs 10 and 11

I'm still working on the toe of the second sock of pair 14. Pictures of pairs 12 and 13 are still in the camera along with pictures of pairs 15 (mini stocking ornaments) and 16 (zipper pulls for my backpack). I'm a third of the way through the first sock of pair 17.

22 July 2007

Week Sixteen Pair

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I finished the pair of plain stockinette socks in the Dye-anamics! 52 Pair Plunge Colorway. Size Womens Medium on size 3 classic circular needles.


pair 12 & 13

Originally uploaded by zorrosmommy.
Scrap socks finished. I finished these babies up a little while ago, but I've been obsessive over at ravelry. I kept forgetting to updatemy blogs

Originally uploaded by zorrosmommy.
I used Knit Picks (gray), Regia (tan), Lion Brand (pink), and a few other odds & ends.

Originally uploaded by zorrosmommy.
Elann esprit ankle socks, knit on size 2 needles, toe up, and using the flame wave pattern from Favorite socks

Number 16

Cable Rib Socks from Favorite Socks. Austermann Step yarn #2 needles and 60 stitches. I modified the pattern a little by running the full cable on the outside of foot + leg and only down the inside of the legs. I can't wait to wear these.

21 July 2007

Slow but still knitting away!

The Breeze socks (by Jennifer Appleby) are my 7th pair of socks (so far! I have more on the needles that should be done soon). I really enjoyed knitting the Breeze socks - quite a fun knit, lots of change and although there are a lot of rows in the pattern repeats, the pattern isn't very hard to "almost" memorize. And they are unbearably cute in person (the cabled heel is beautiful). there are clearer pics on my blog.
Needles: 2.75 mm Pony Pearls
Yarn: Regia Cotton Java Colour, #1177
Size: Medium
Modifications to pattern: none - I love the pattern, and can't wait to start another pair!

20 July 2007

A baker's dozen

These are an adaptation of the Whiskers and Paw Prints Socks designed by Theresa Walunas. To increase the size I added an extra couple of pattern repeats instead of just using larger needles (I like socks knit at a tight guage -- seems like they should wear better). Unfortunately I think that decision made the socks lose the real whisker-like appearance of the original pattern, but I love 'em anyway. Yarn is from Cabin Cove Mercantile.

18 July 2007

28 & 29

These were finished 3 July 07. Chain link pattern knit of Monarch Sockyarn from AngoraValley. Absolutely wonderful yarn with high twist and a great bounce.

It never lasts long in my stash. Pattern is a two row, six stitch repeat knit over 60 stitches on 2,5 mm dps.

And then there is the Serpentine - by Anni from Sockmania. It is the July pattern. Out of Tofutsie, these are for the youngest who really likes anklets.

For fun I carried the cables down the heels.

Now I just have to manage to finish up the Sockapaloozas and the other three pairs sitting in the que before the end of the month.....


17 July 2007

An even dozen done

Yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight in Footzey Foo

Stitch pattern is #39 from book of 500 Japanese Knitting Patterns. Cast on 80sts (4 pattern repeats) Eye of partridge heel

29, 30 and still cheating

More info in the usual places, and here are some photos.

#29, Fleece Artist mill end, stockinette foot and ribbed leg.

#30, RPM in STR lightweight, intended to scrub my brain of a bad experience with Splitsu, aka Sisu. (Yes, it worked.)
I have a toe-up Embossed leaves on the needles for pair #31, and I actually prefer the leaf pattern growing up the leg. Fun and addicitive pattern, too. I will have them done this week, if I can just stop cheating with a sweater, a bag and a shawl.
Gorgeous socks, all. I wonder what the pair tally is so far for the lot of us?

16 July 2007

Pair 12

I have finished the second pair in July, the 12th for the Plunge. I don't think I am going to get 6 pair done this month, but I will knit on and try to catch up the best I can. These are knit in the new Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome sock yarn in the Monet colorway. Size 1 dpns and 64 stitches.

13, 14 & 15

Sorry I have been away from the on-line world for a few weeks. So here are a few good summer patterns:

Lana Grossa cotton, size 2 needles 60 stitches, Sensational Socks 5 stitch pattern rib cable. Six socks KAL - Eiffel tower pattern, On-line summer colorway #100 , needle 2, 60 stitchesCreative Arts color #104, basic sock pattern 48 stitches size 3 needles. I just could not go a month with out GREEN!

14 July 2007

Pair Six of - wait, when's the deadline?

Witnesses report that the multiple do over afterthought heel, gusseted, complete spiral socks were seen with the ends woven in.
Regia sock yarn, Lucy Neatby Garter Stitch heels done on .5mm bigger needles than foot, Lucy Neatby Garter toes and Spiral Rib.

Woo Hoo Pair #9

I have my 9th pair completed! What was I thinking that I could knit a pair a week! Crazy that's what I am. So here they are... Trekking 33 knit plain, 68 stitches on US1 dpn's.

Have a great weekend!

13 July 2007

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Monkeys have been done and done and done, but I had to have a pair for myself! So this Regia Jacquard pair was mine...now onto some gift socks...

I'm at scouting camp in Rinkaby Swedem

Hi everyone! I'm at camp from july 13th till july 28th. See you then and don't worry, I'll have some knitting with me :)

11 July 2007

28 and much cheating going on

I'm now getting to the point where I can only do 1 sock at a time, with several "cheater" projects on the go. A sweater here, a felted bag there, and look! A lace shawl.

In any case, I have made progress. As always, more details are on my plunge album here, and lots of sock chatter on my blog here.

Pair #27, Pomatomus in Artyarns Ultramerino.

And #28, the BMFA CLub sock for June.

29 is on the needles, just a plain stockinette foot and ribbed leg in Fleece Artist Merino sock (yum!). Still plugging away at the oldest parts of my stash first. Still planning a few cheats, maybe a fingering-weight sweater for a friend's new baby, maybe a chevron scarf...

10 July 2007

Pair Twelve of Fifty-Two, they are blah Patons Kroy in Glencheck, belated Father's Day socks for my Dad. 2x2 ribbed cuff changing to 4x2 rib. Pretty boring, glad they're done, and onto my Sockapalooza socks! They were started but set aside til I finished these.

Happy knitting!