29 February 2008


The Rose Bamboo socks are complete. They are a semi-matching pair with one sock being 5/1 rib and the other a 5/1 slip stitch. The heel is slip rib.

Knit on 2,00 mm needles out of a marled looking rose bamboo mix sock yarn from Opal (Zwerger).


28 February 2008

Don't pay the ransom!

I got away from those devils, who have been holding me captive, and not permitting me to knit! Actually, I started cleaning up my studio, and quilting projects, and got lots of those things cleared away, and not much knitting. But, I am back on track. Pictured above is a pair of Regia Crazy Colors knit on US size 3's, with the Water Loose socks Feather and Fan Pattern. I'll have to check my journal, but I think this is pair 33. I didn't even attempt to make them match, just started knitting with the yarn as it came from the skein. Funny, I didn't notice how the pattern lined up as I took the picture. This pair was donated to the YWCA Salute to Women, and will be going to their new home on Tuesday of next week. My friend, Paula Baitinger, is being saluted for her volunteerism.

This pair, in all their lively color, was claimed by my daughter-in-law. I finished them while we were in Virginia over Christmas, and photographed them on the desk in our hotel room. I must have liked this colorway, because I ordered it on three different occasions, and then seeing it "live", I almost went YUCK! They are much prettier from a distance!

Have another Monkey on the needles in a Merino yarn, and a basic pair in Opal 6-ply. I found a neat little make-up bag that is my current favorite sock project carrier. It is clear plastic, rather squarish, with a zippered compartment in the top where markers, tape measure, yarn needle, crochet hook, and other tools can easily reside. The bottom has my pattern and it holds the whole bulky 6-play skein, and sock in progress without having to squeeze it in. I'll post a picture with the next completed pair in my run. Don't think I'll make the 52, because I'm also trying to finish a quilt for my Guild's show in early April, but I have surely enjoyed the run!

26 February 2008

Twenty-Seven of Fifty-Two

Pair 27 of 52, On Your Toes DK Boot Socks, their free pattern. Started February 21, finished the 25th. All the details here.

Happy Knitting!
Sheri aka Lexa

Pair 43

I have finished pair 43. I have a couple more near completion. This pair is knit in Wooll Boully Meanie in the Neapolitan color. I love this yarn. It is so soft and wonderful to work with.

25 February 2008

Excel is a scary tool

No new pictures of socks, but I just finished doing some 52-pair plunge estimates in excel. I've finished 33 pairs and have a number of pairs in various states of incompletitude. Assuming that my guesses for the amount of knitting left to do on the partially complete pairs are somewhat reasonable, I'll need to knit 0.565714286 socks per day (on average) for the next 5 weeks. That should be doable, right? Unless I look at the fact that to date I've been knitting an average of 0.259876543 socks per day.

Aw, who cares about the numbers. All I've got to do is double my output. Maybe I should go back to caffeinated coffee :-)

24 February 2008

Pair 35 of 52

Perchance to Knit Yarn
US Size 2.5 KP Harmony Needles
Plain Stockinette
Size Med-Large

22 February 2008

Pairs #30-32

A few more pairs for your enjoyment:

#30 was a pattern that I designed, you can get it free here.

#31 was the January Rockin' Sock Club kit:

And I just finished #32, a plain stockinette pair in Regia:

Working away on a few more pairs too!

42 / 52

I just don't know if I can knit 10 more pair in a little over a month, but i will give it a try. I knit these for my sister, Karen. It is the Wollmeise Sock pattern, but not knit in Wollmeise yarn. They are knit in Great Adirondack Soxie in the Beach House colorway. 72 stitches and size 0 dpns

21 February 2008

Twenty-Six of Fifty-two

Halfway there! I know I won't reach the goal of 52, but I had set a personal goal of at least 26, and now I'm there. Any more than this is gravy. More details to be found here. Quill Lace socks started February 13, finished the 20th, On Your Toes Bamboo.

Happy knitting!
Sheri aka Lexa

20 February 2008

Pair 11

Yes ... The Eternity Socks (so named for the length of time they have taken to knit) are now officially done and on T's feet as we speak -- he's happy with them, and I am happy they are done! And I can move on to smaller and faster things (that are not jinxed!)

Yarn: Austermann Step, colour 05 Torf, size 2.75 needles

19 February 2008


here is pair number 32. It is a toe up. I need to practice my socks skills for the bi Sock madness competition. Excited? Scared? not sure what this year will bring.
OH these socks are the sockamania Feb socks

18 February 2008


Perhaps there is hope for me?

 Blue Slip Stitch Socks
Knit from Fleece Artist Merino, these are a relatively easy slip stitch pattern.

 Art Yarn Socks

Had no idea that the Trekking XXL Art Yarn was going to be so loud. Perhaps this was why the sale's price was so cheap?

 JaWoll Socks

Knit out of JaWoll Cotton, I love the look and feel, but really, really, really still don't like knitting cotton. The pattern is an 8 row, with alternating locations of eyelets.


17 February 2008

Pair 29 Of 52

52 pair will never happen for me (at this rate) but I do keep adding to my total. Here is pair 29. This pair is knit plain with 68 stitches on US1 dpn's. The yarn is Perchance To Knit in the Sockret Pal Swap colorway.

16 February 2008

Pairs 33 and 34 Complete

Knit Picks

Memories in Morning Glory Colorway
Swish DK in White
on Harmony US Size 3 Needles
Women's Size Large and Medium

15 February 2008


.... but still pair 41. I knit these in left over Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Tide Pool colorway. They will probably be donated to the local Pregnancy Care Center.

13 February 2008



Check my blog for more info

11 February 2008


I just finished these today. I knit them in Cherry Tree Hill in the Tide Pool color. The pattern is Lace-agon
Not the best picture, it was getting dark out already.


Pattern: Carolina (one of Momma Monkey's Socktopia patterns)
Yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight ~300yds used
Colorway: Count Cluckula
Needles: 3.0mm
8 spi; 11 rpi

10 February 2008

Twenty-Five of Fifty-Two

Pair 25 of 52, Quill Lace socks from Knitty, made with On Your Toes Bamboo (75% bamboo, 25% nylon). Started January 25, finished February 8. The only thing I did differently was add five rows of rib to the top and used 2.75mm needles.
Happy knitting!
Sheri aka Lexa

#43 & #44


Presenting the Silver Streaks, out of Cherry Tree Hill Yarns.


The purple menace. I would the yarn last summer - sock yarn is from Valley Farms and dyed by the Kangaroo Dyer.
Knit on 2,00 needles over 60 stitches.


09 February 2008

Pairs 26 - 31

Lion Wool
Mystery yarn - This was given to me without any label - I think it's acrylic. They're good enough for snow shoveling.
Bernat Baby yarn - made for Amelie. Large enough to fit her chubby calves with eyelets in case I need ti tie them on. They match a hat I made for her.
And last- book marks. I won't be leaving these in books when I return them to the library.

06 February 2008

2 pairs per week?

Eeek. Here are pairs 31 & 32. 33 & 34 are done but no pictures yet. 35, 36, & 37 are half done. In order to get the 52 pairs done by April 1st I'll have to do two+ pairs a week. Since I haven't managed to do one a week chances are looking a little dim. Hmmmm. I wonder if that April 1st date was meant as an April Fool's joke...

Pair 31
Pattern: January Girl (Zen String Sock Club Jan 2008)
Yarn: Zen String Harmony DK (292 yds/4oz) 50% superwash merino, 50% tencel
Needles: 3.25mm & 2.75mm
8 sts per inch;10 rows per inch

Pair 32
Pattern: Serendipity (Rockin' Sock Club January 2008)
Yarn: socks that Rock 100% Superwash Merino - Lightweight (360yds/4.5oz)
Colorway: Dragon Dance
Needles: 2.75mm

04 February 2008

#41 and #42

Here is the picture I promised you of the mismatched pair. They took forever as I found knitting the one sock sideways a really not fun pain.

Knit out of Opal that I purchased back in 1999, I love the colours and how they came out in both directions.


Are a simple twisted stitch pattern.

Knit out of some lovely and soft yarn from Cherry Tree Hill, I am planning some wristers out of the left overs.

The first of Pair 43 is finished and the second cast on. I need to lay off the other projects if I want to finish!


03 February 2008

Pairs 24 -25

Left-over wool-ease

Baby Monkeys to match pair 13 - August 2007

01 February 2008

Twenty-Four of Fifty-Two

Socks for the Oldest One. Regia Mini Ringel of some breed, and Kroy Norfolk Blue for the top, heels, and toes. The rings should have really ended with another set of the brighter green, but I didn't think I'd have enough yarn to do so, thus the reason for so much blue at the toe. (And of course I think there was enough to end like I wanted to!) Started January 26, finished February 1. More pics and info here.

Happy Knitting!
Sheri aka Lexa