28 February 2008

Don't pay the ransom!

I got away from those devils, who have been holding me captive, and not permitting me to knit! Actually, I started cleaning up my studio, and quilting projects, and got lots of those things cleared away, and not much knitting. But, I am back on track. Pictured above is a pair of Regia Crazy Colors knit on US size 3's, with the Water Loose socks Feather and Fan Pattern. I'll have to check my journal, but I think this is pair 33. I didn't even attempt to make them match, just started knitting with the yarn as it came from the skein. Funny, I didn't notice how the pattern lined up as I took the picture. This pair was donated to the YWCA Salute to Women, and will be going to their new home on Tuesday of next week. My friend, Paula Baitinger, is being saluted for her volunteerism.

This pair, in all their lively color, was claimed by my daughter-in-law. I finished them while we were in Virginia over Christmas, and photographed them on the desk in our hotel room. I must have liked this colorway, because I ordered it on three different occasions, and then seeing it "live", I almost went YUCK! They are much prettier from a distance!

Have another Monkey on the needles in a Merino yarn, and a basic pair in Opal 6-ply. I found a neat little make-up bag that is my current favorite sock project carrier. It is clear plastic, rather squarish, with a zippered compartment in the top where markers, tape measure, yarn needle, crochet hook, and other tools can easily reside. The bottom has my pattern and it holds the whole bulky 6-play skein, and sock in progress without having to squeeze it in. I'll post a picture with the next completed pair in my run. Don't think I'll make the 52, because I'm also trying to finish a quilt for my Guild's show in early April, but I have surely enjoyed the run!

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