31 August 2007

15th of 52

I'm like many others that have taken on this challenge...way behind. So here is pair 15. Knit with Cherry Tree Hill - Serengeti, using a design by my sister Monica 64 stitches on US1 dpn's. I love this pattern and yarn! I can't wait to be able to wear them!

30 August 2007

Pairs 8, 9 and 10

At least I think those are the correct numbers.

Since this picture was taken #11 has been completed, but no picture yet.

These are for my daughter, my son and my niece. #11 is for my niece as well; she has her first b-day in a month, and is getting socks.
It's become plain to me that I'm not going to get 52 pairs of socks knit this year. But at least I'm getting some knit!!!

29 August 2007

A small pair but still a pair

It almost feels like cheating, but it is a pair of socks. I knit these in some left over Lorna's Laces in the Irving Park colorway. 36 stitches, short row heel. Pair # 16 done. I hope they fit a 7 month old baby, it has been awhile sine I have knit for that size foot and don't have one handy to take foot measurements.

28 August 2007

Pairs 12 through 15

Pair 12 -Christmas Stockings for the cats- acrylic- pattern from Socks-Socks-Socks

Pair 13 - Monkey socks - Trekking XXL color 161

Pair 14 - Doll Socks - Frog Tree 100% alpaca

Pair 15 - Zipper pulls- leftover self-striping yarn - Lion Brand, I think.

Pair #9

Finished a second pair for August -- these are my first pair of socks knit with no pattern! pretty exciting! They were knit as a thank you to my FIL for helping us renovate our house. Austeman step yarn in colour 07, and the other juicy details on are on my blog!


26 August 2007

Woo Hoo 14

I finished my 14th pair today!! I knit this Trekking 161 plain on size 1 dpn's. They almost match perfectly. But I can live with their little difference. This yarn was a surprise from my sister Monica. I can't wait to wear them (come on cooler weather!).

Whew, that's 22

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Almost half way through this challenge. 22 out of 52 pairs of socks.

Socks That Rock Colorway Tigers Eye
Womens Large
Size 3 KP Classic Circular Needles

25 August 2007

Double Duty Too

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Jisgaw Along Jigsaw socks in Shepherd Sport Black Watch

Another pair of socks doing double duty. I made these socks for the Jigsaw KAL. They are very soft and squishy but surprisingly they did not use up a lot of yarn. I have more than half of my second ball of yarn left. I will definitely be knitting this pattern again.

24 August 2007

Few more pairs, 36-41

Since my last post, I've been gripped by the self-striping sock disease, which tends to keep the sufferer up all night while the colours fly through their fingers. Now my sock needles are cleared and waiting for my BMFA club kit to arrive.

Lots more details on my blog and my Plunge page. Suffice it to say, my fingers are sore and my stash is finally shrinking.

Have a great weekend, all!

22 August 2007

Pair 15

Slowly but surely, I am catching back up ... or trying to anyway. Sock 2 of pair 16 is on the needles. This pair of socks is knit in the Grace colorway and is from The Knittery. It is the Merino Cashmere blend and very nice to knit with.


20 August 2007


Here is another pair. Made from Pagewood merino wool sock yarn. I love the green color. :) this sock pattern is a test knit for NotThatCat. Nice patteern.

Caught up and moving on!!

The blue pair (2nd from left) FINALLY catches me up with 21 pairs to date.

First sock of pair #22 is on the needles and into the cussit gusset, and I hope to have that one finished by tomorrow.

Happy sock knittin everyone!!


And the second pair for August. These are knit in sKNITches in the Handsome Devil colorway.

The design is my own, my sister has named them The Victorian Swag socks.


19 August 2007

Double Duty

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These socks are also my Lace Style KAL project, so they are doing double duty.

Floral Lace Anklets in Regia Silk Mocca
Women's size medium
Size 1 KP Classic Circular Needles
They were not an enjoyable knit and I will definitely not knit another pair of them.

Pair 15 - Double Cross

Pattern: My own, based on one of Barbara Walkers'
Yarn: Fleece Artist Basic Merino Socks - Autumn
Needles: Addi Turbo US#1
I like the way the crossed stitches break up the color. I'm in the process of writting up the pattern for these and will post it on my blog at some point.

18 August 2007

Progress of the tortoise . . .

After posting the multiple sock pix, and stash enhancement last time, I realized that I omitted a pair of my "Virginia road socks". I've already given these as a gift, to my friend, Lois. They are Plymouth Sockotta on US 2's, in the Bits of Lace pattern.
I also donated the Jaywalkers, Embossed Leaves, and a recent pair, Garter Rib socks to the Barn Dance and Auction for Prophetstown State Park. One of my good friends, Nola, is on the board, and she coaxed me to participate. Last year, I gave some quilted coasters, and was stunned to learn they brought about $50 at auction. The Garter Rib socks are to the right, made with a variegated Lion Brand Wool-Ease sport weight on US 3's.

To get closer to the target number of pairs, I worked up a quick pair of Dorm Socks on US 8's with Bernat Softee Chunky. I made one of these in a day, starting them on my lunch hour, going back to work for 4 hours, and completing them that evening. The second one didn't go nearly as quickly. This yarn is one that defies trying to make a "matching" pair. But, I don't think it matters, since they are built for comfort, not for speed . . . just like me!
Have three additional socks in various stages of completion on deck for the next post. I think I hear my recliner calling me, so perhaps I can finish the second of the pair farthest along.
We're past the one-third mark, steaming toward six months under our belts. Hope everyone is staying inspired!

17 August 2007

Road Trip STR Minestone

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I finished the socks I started on our road trip to Las Vegas. Plain stockinette. Socks That Rock Minestone colorway in honor of Hoover Dam.

Size 3 classic KP Circulars - of course
360 yards
Women's size large

I have cast on the Tiger's Eye colorway for the next pair.

16 August 2007

Pair 14

My own cuff-down pattern based on #39 out of a Japanese book of 500 stitch patterns
Cast on 80 sts, Addi Turbo Lace needles US#1. Yarn is Fleece Artist Basic Merino Socks in the Mahogany colorway. Pair 15 is done too, but I don't have pictures yet.
Next up? Something out of Cat Bordhi's new book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters (book one), which I received last week. I've completed the two learning socks as she strongly recommends and looking forward to measuring my feet and starting in on a pair of Coriolis, or maybe Cables & Corrugations, or Jeweled Steps, or Veil of Leaves, or ... Hmmmm. Guess I want to do 'em all.

14 August 2007

Fourteen of Fifty-Two

I finished pair fourteen of fifty-two, which are also my August socks for the SAM4 Kal. Pop on over here and here (at the end of the post) for more pictures and details.

Happy knitting!

Sheri aka Lexa

Special Offer

Hi gang! Well, we're about 1/3 of the way through and I'm sure sooooome of you have started to see the back of your stash closet (if not the bottom - heaven forbid!). Anyway, I mentioned at the beginning of the month that I started my Etsy store, and I'm holding a blog contest over at my blog to get myself a banner. There's yarn, a sock bag and stitch markers hand-beaded by my mom involved, so if you're feeling artsy please stop on by.

Also, I would like to extend a coupon to my fellow Plungers for a little stash enrichment. Since I'm certainly so far behind I may never catch up, someone may as well benefit! If you see something you like at the shop, convo me and I'll send you an adjusted invoice for free shipping. I'm working hard to add stuff before the school semester begins, so check back often. :)

Tikabelle at Dye Trying

Pairs #12 and #13

Both pairs are for sock swaps that I'm currently in.

My Sockapalooza 4 socks:

Pattern: Gentleman's Sock in Railway Stitch from Knitting Vintage Socks

My pal got them already and he likes them. :)

And Pair 13 is for another sock swap I'm a part of:

Pattern: Little Child's Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks

Pair 13

# 13 is finished and I think pairs 14 -20 are on the needles in various stages of completion. Thes are knit in Wollmeise yarn, in the Spice Market colorway.

13 August 2007


Here is #18. Eleanor pattern from Panda Cotton. I came real close to running our for a size 11 sock.

11 August 2007


Pairs 32 and 35 are un-bloggable for the time being, but here are a few photos of the rest.

31: Embossed Leaves in Fleece Artist Mill End. Worked toe-up so the leaves point upward.
33: Waving Lace in Sisu. Toe-up. Great pattern, awful yarn.
34: Opal knee socks for DD#1, worked in stitch pattern from Knitty's Thermal, with calf shaping. Details of shaping on my blog.
36 is on the needles, just some fun self-striping Regia Avenue socks for a departing pre-school teacher. Future teachers of the world beware: my kids give socks as gifts. For every occasion.

Pair 13 DONE

I finished my Cider Moon socks last night. The batteries in my camera died so I had to recharge them overnight. This is some yarn that I won in a blog contest, it is wonderful stuff. So here are the stats: Cider Moon Glacier - Istanbul colorway, 48 stitches, US4 dpn's, started 8/4/07, finished 8/10/07, fit perfect. So many socks to knit, so little time.

10 August 2007

Caught up through July

LOTS of catching up lately! Got myself way behind on socks due to some design work and a bunch of lace, but I'm catching up fast. I'm at 16 pairs (on track through the end of July) and #17 is on the needles now.

Working on several sizes of a new pattern I'm working on, and pair #17 is the men's "Sasquatch" size. Still have women's small, large, infants and toddler's to go and then it can all be written up and will be available on my blog.

Pictures of most everything so far on my flickr pages.


09 August 2007


And just like fine wine, they've taken time to finish...but, ahhh...the satisfaction of finally...

Details on my Socakpalooza 4 Pal's socks are on my blog (Cookie A's BFF pattern -- the pattern seems to be temporaily off the internet! I can't link to it when I Google it!)

08 August 2007

Pair 12

Well, I'm finally able to post about my 12th pair of socks. I knit these in Fleece Artist Seashore. It's very nice yarn to knit with (even with the colors changed the further I knit into ball). Pair 13 is almost done. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be posting again.

Monkey See Monkey Blue

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I have been wanting a pair of Monkey socks for myself. I made a pair for my Mother in White and I really like the way they look in a solid color. Voila!
Pattern: Monkey Sock
Designer: Cookie A.
Yarn: Regia Silk Jeans

Bev Love