30 April 2007

Second verse, same as the first

A little bit louder, a little bit worse.

Truly these are finished, I'm just too busy to go take another photo. The *pattern* is Crazy Toes and Heels. It was made challenging by the fact that said feet are roughly 1700 miles away and I haven't seen them in a very long time. However, the mother is a very gracious lady who would say thank you even if I mailed fried spam socks.

Still on track!

Despite being on vacation, with travels ranging from Central Wisconsin to Paducah, Kentucky, I managed to complete Pair #4, using Sock-it-to-Me on US 2's, using Cat Bordhi's basic sock pattern. The match paired up very closely, but is off color by about one row. Pretty close, I'd say.

On my vacation, I was with my friends and sister-in-law for the American Quilt Society Show in Paducah. I was trying to find a way to slip over to a yarn shop without inconveniencing all the others in our vehicle. Fortunately for me, while visiting the quilt vendors on Broadway, we discovered a shop called, "The Guild". They also had a knitting section, so I had both my hobbies covered. I indulged in a skein of Schaefer Anne, a pink to carmel color run. I nearly bought some "ordinary" washable wool, when I realized I could have wool and silk in a lovely periwinkle for the same price. So, those two purchases have been added to my sock basket - some assembly required, of course. Also found some Wool-ease to use for those younger members of the family who might not be too cautious in the care of hand-knit socks.

As usual, with this annual event, a good time was had by all. We also had the good fortune to be able to meet two internet friends, who were staying at the same resort. Each evening we had "show and tell". Lots of fun . . . can't wait till next year!

Final Pair this month - Glamour

Pair 10 of 52


Introducing Glamour, from the KreativSockenListe SOM.

Yarn: Scarlet Letter from The Sweet Sheep, a merino tencil combination.
Needles: The first was knit on 2,00 mm Lantern Moon Sox Stix. Since it turned out to be a bit tight in the ankle, I knit that portion on 2,5 mm rosewood dps on the second sock.
Notions: Beads, 34 per sock.
Pattern Details: top down, provisional cast-on with hemmed top. One row of beads around the top. 4 lace panels of 17 stitches each for a total of 68 stitches.

I am taking a breath - since all the May Patterns for my KALs will be out in the morning.


Baby Buds

Pair number five . . .

Simple, cute and I'm in love with them!

29 April 2007

Niagara Falls

9 of 52

Niagara FallsGiven where I am located plus my tendency to use the US Mailroom because of the cheaper postage, all of my kits seem to arrive long after other people have theirs. This was my second Chameleon Colorworks kit.

The Pattern is called Niagara Falls, the yarn is a typical sock yarn blend, hand dyed in a speckled shades of blue. It didn't look like much in the skein, but now I really like how the watery look appears after knitting

Knit on 2,5mm needles over 60 stitches, I am happier with the second sock than the first as I tighted up the gauge a bit.


First 2 out of 52 pairs

1.The blue on is a modified Jaywalker with cast on 64, 2mm Addi circular 2 sock on 1Start 4/12; End: 4/27
2.The pink on is cast on 64 with 1.5mm circular addi needles, 2 socks on 1Start 4/02; End: 4/12
Both socks are for my friends' 40 birthday on April 9..........a little late:) have to give her soon!! -Esther

28 April 2007

Pairs 4, 5, and 6

2 pair of baby socks finished, 3 more in the works for the many babies that are due this summer and fall. Seems like every childbearing aged female I work with is in the family way. And I finished a pair of socks for myself. The Scroll socks for MSKS, knit in Blackberry Ridge Mer-Made in the Tropical Fish colorway. The baby socks put me ahead of schedule, you got to love those tiny little feet.

Jody's Socks - Pair #8

Knit out of Zen Yarn Garden's Norwegian Shores.
60 stitches on 2,5 mm needles
Pattern by Jolene Mosley
knit toe up. Short row toe, heel flap with gusset.
Lace pattern with "bow look" on front with 6 row repeat.
Faggoting lace pattern on heel up on the back.
In progress pix here.


#3 For Me

Here is pair # 3 for me. The yarn I used is Opal Prisma 1190. I knit them in one of the Pennant patterns from More Sensational Knitted Socks, on size US1 dpn's. Now, back to working on some more that I've already started.


Here is pair #4

The pattern is Fanny from Socktopia. It has really cool ribbing in the arch area.
Crystal Palace Fixation yarn and US 3 needles.



27 April 2007

pair #4

Yarn by www.dyenamicsyarn.com
Custom colorway "Periwinkle Sheep" which was the name of my yarn shop. :)
60 sts, size 1 needles.

Now working on pair #5, Opal Petticoat, hope to be done on Sunday!

Pair 2 - Inside Out

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Pattern: Inside Out from Rockin' Sock Club 2007
Yarn: STR Mediumweight "Monsoon"

Needles: US size 0 DPNs (toe and heel), US size 1 DPNs (foot), and US size 2 DPNs (leg)

Angela :)


And She Socks On

Pairs 3&4 are off the needles, and I'm half way through pair 5.

Pair 3 is for my son. Regia Nation. Toe up, Magic Cast On. 40st sock. Short row heel, stockinette through out.

Pair 4 is for me, myself and I. Handspun and Handknit. Roving came from Crwon Mountain Farm. Anklet style. Toe up, magic cast on. Shell type pattern which is totally obscurred by the yarn. Short row heel. Cuff is about an inch or so above my ankle. Can you say comfy?


7 pairs in April

Hey all, this is my first post with actual socks in it. I was able to finish 7 pairs for April, I guess it is possible to finish another for the month but I really doubt that I will. I'm so glad to have done a few extra, I feel like I have an edge now. I'm having a lot of fun knitting all these socks with a purpose though. I apologize in advance if the pics come out insanely huge - lol! Anyway, from the top they are:
  • Socks from my own handspun alpaca yarn
  • Cat Bordhi's Coriolis socks in OnLine
  • Baby socks - I'm counting the two as one pair - in Panda Cotton and Regia Silk
  • Diagonal Rib Socks in Lanas Puras
  • RPM Socks in Sleeping Dragon yarn
  • More socks from my own hanspun, an alpaca, merino, and silk blend
  • Anniversary socks in Regia Silk

25 April 2007

Pair Four - Whitby

Pair Four Socks Complete . . .

Whitby's by Nancy Bush. You can get more details at my blog.


Yay. Pair number four. 48 to go!

Pattern: Rustic Arrow, kind of
Method: 2 at once, magic loop, size 4
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport

Pair #4 finished!

Pattern: Eleanor from Socktopia
Yarn: Black Bunny Fibers in Sapphire

My fourth pair of socks is also for me, but the upcoming pairs probably won't be. I cast on for two more pairs of socks today and both are for other people.

24 April 2007

pair #2

Pair #2 :
Yarn - KnitPicks Memories Rocky Mountain Dusk 1 skein
Pattern - Fast Florida Footies

On Track - Sort Of

Haven't checked in, in a minute, but here's a re-cap of my progress.

2nd pair was completed this past Saturday. 66st Chevron pattern sock. Yarn was undyed Merino/Tencel 50/50 blend. I dyed it with Kool aid , an notice the pooling, but the socks are indeed wearable.

3rd pair is so close to being completely done, I just have to set the twist on some additional yarn, as that sock is knit from my handspun.

4th Pair is 1 sock in. It's mate got put on hold, because my son needs a pair of crazy socks for a Sock Parade his school is having tomorrow. His socks, my 5th pair got started last night and they MUST be done TONIGHT. Wish me luck ya'll.

So yes, I'm right on track, just not in any order that makes sense to me! Lol.

Happy Sock Knitting

Pair 6 is finished.

As all the others, toe up, size 2 needles I belive for a gauge of around 6 sts/inch, and for CIC.

Pair #4

Here is my fourth pair:

Pattern: Simple Ribbed Socks
Yarn: Art Yarns Color #132
Needles: Knitpicks US3

I'm on target for this month. I really can't believe it!
Happy Knitting

23 April 2007

Pair #2

Pattern: Baudelaire
Yarn: Sundara sock yarn in Denim over Purple
Finished on the drive home from a road trip this last weekend, read more at my blog

Beth A.

Pair 1 - Monkeys

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Pattern: Monkey

Yarn: Opal Uni, color #29 Turquoise
Needles: US size 2 DPNs

Angela :)

Retro Rib for #7

Knit out of hand dyed Zitron (the yarn that you find in Trekking)
on 2,5mm needles for 72 stitches around.
The legs are only about 10 cm high as that is what my son prefers. Not that it really balances the length of foot for a size 44 foot. I really like the stretchiness of the rib.
Pattern: Retro Rib from Favorite Socks.

22 April 2007

Pair Four's Frenetic Finish

I finished my 4th pair for the month of April, only 48 more to go for the 52 pair challenge. These are based on the Horcrux pattern by Susan Pierce Lawrence, available to members of the Six Sock KAL Yahoo group. I used one skein each of green Socka wool and heather grey Kroy. Both yarns had been aging well in my stash. I only had one skein of the grey yarn and thought it wouldn't be enough for a pair of evenly striped socks, so I came up with this idea. DD (she whose socks must be identical) really liked the first sock. She plays soccer and liked the stripes and the lace combined. I showed it to her when I was at the heel turn & she suggested I make a solid green foot and a grey toe. I added the crenelated stranded design at the toe to simulate the castle battlements of Hogwarts School and soften the transition.

I started this pairlast Sunday and finished them today. One week from start to finish! That might be a new record for me. In order to keep up with the 52 pair plunge, I'm trying to cast on for sock two as soon as I finish sock one and keep knitting. Usually I start a new sock project when I finish sock one and come back to sock two after making a few different patterns. This helps me alleviate boredom and makes the pattern fresh again. I also finished another sock this week and made some beaded stitch markers.

Pairs 2 and 3 complete!

I have officially completed my 2nd and 3rd pair of socks. Pair 4 and 5 are now on the needles :o)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Pattern: Roza Socks by Grumperina from Interweave Knits Spring 2007

Yarn: All Things Heather, Grapevine colorway from the Loopy Ewe

Needles: US2/3.0 mm

pair #2

Lorna's Laces in Baby Stripes. Cast on on Tuesday, finished on Sunday. Each sock took about 1.5 days to knit :)


More info on my blog :)

Cheers Eva

Full-fledge Pair Three

The Betweener by Jaye Quadrozzi knit from Sublime's 100% merino wook in the DK weight (you can get the color names from Trixie Stix. Oh so soft and cushy to wear!

21 April 2007

Finally, Sock #3

Crayon Stripe Socks

More info on my blog soon.

Happy Knitting! Jamie