27 April 2007

7 pairs in April

Hey all, this is my first post with actual socks in it. I was able to finish 7 pairs for April, I guess it is possible to finish another for the month but I really doubt that I will. I'm so glad to have done a few extra, I feel like I have an edge now. I'm having a lot of fun knitting all these socks with a purpose though. I apologize in advance if the pics come out insanely huge - lol! Anyway, from the top they are:
  • Socks from my own handspun alpaca yarn
  • Cat Bordhi's Coriolis socks in OnLine
  • Baby socks - I'm counting the two as one pair - in Panda Cotton and Regia Silk
  • Diagonal Rib Socks in Lanas Puras
  • RPM Socks in Sleeping Dragon yarn
  • More socks from my own hanspun, an alpaca, merino, and silk blend
  • Anniversary socks in Regia Silk


Abigail said...

Impressive! I'm behind the game with only 3 to my credit. I'll have to power knit to catch up with you:D

trixie stix said...

The anniversary socks are my favorite! You sure do have an edge now. Gives you a little breathing room to buy more sock yarn!

GoldieLocs said...

Impressive. Wow.

Elysbeth said...

Crikey! Those are some lovely designs.

Lauren said...

Thanks you guys :D

Teri said...

Wow, I've only completed 2 so far. Well done!