02 April 2008

Late... but finished

I finished these yesterday, so I was a day late in getting to 52, but I did get there. These last two pair, 51 and 52 are knit for CIC. Knit in left over wool.

I have enjoyed this knit along and have loved seeing and being inspired by all the great socks.

Happy Knitting

01 April 2008


Well, I don't think that I've posted in months, and I'm sad to say that I lost momentum very early on in the KAL, but it was a nice time in my first KAL. I get bored doing the same project over and over, and I love to move on in my challenges. Perhaps this is why I dropped out. On the other hand, I joined my first KAL, I learned how to knit socks from the toe-up, I'm less tentative about joining the online community, and I know my limits of how much I can knit. For instance, I cannot knit 52 pairs of socks in a year...mostly because no one really wanted any and I don't need that many socks :)

Congrats to all who stuck it out, and good luck to any of you who are moving on to do the 52PP 08-09.


So, I didn't make it to 52 pairs of socks in a year, but I am very well proud of finishing 34.These are some of my favourites. sockapalooza4waving lace

I finished 33 out of 52 pairs.

I haven't downloaded the camera yet but pair 33 looks a lot like pair 32. I still have 2 pair on needles.


Here are pairs 32 (again) and 33.

Pair 32 looks different from the original photo because I found that one sock was longer than the other. since I already had pair 33 on the needles, I adjusted and got two pairs in the right sizes.

I had fun doing this. I learned a couple of new techniques like knitting a sock on two circular needles and later, knitting two socks on two circular needles. I might have been able to get more socks knitted, but I can't ride a bike and knit at the same time. Plus I knit two sweaters for the baby and a couple of hats, and worked on afghan blocks for charity, and taught a couple of friends to crochet and another to knit.

Good luck to everyone and maybe we'll meet again. I'm not sure if I'll sign up in June, but who knows.

31 March 2008

52 of 52

Pattern: Kitty Socks from Kitty Knits: Projects for Cats and Their People by Donna Druchunas
Yarn: Natures Palette
Needles: 3.25mm

What a fun (and challenging) year this has been. Thank you, thank you, thank you for organizing the plunge. Now it's off to knit those Sock Madness socks...

Almost done - Pairs 48-51

Pair 48

Pattern: Mingus Sock by Cookie A.
Yarn: Ocean Wind Knits
Needles: 3.25 and 3.0 mm

Pair 49

Pattern: A variation on Mingus Sock by Cookie A. I'm calling them Dufus Minsug Socks.

Yarn: Ocean Wind Knits Needles: 3.25 and 3.0 mm
I actually knit this pair before knitting the real Mingus socks. Dufus Minsug socks are what you get when you don’t bother reading the Mingus pattern’s instructions and just jump right in to the charted stitch pattern. I like them in an off-kilter kind of way, but decided to go ahead and knit another another pair of real Mingus socks (see the real Mingus socks above)

I wasn't going to count the next two pairs as I have other pairs in progress that are much more interesting. But events have conspired against me today and I'll be unable to get the others done. In the interest of getting a complete set of 52 pairs posted, here they are...

Pair 50

Pattern: generic baby socks
Yarn: Koigu KPM & KPPPM

Pair 51

Pattern: Inside Out by Kaci Kyler Hays (modified)
Yarn: Zen String Bambewe fingering (colorway: Sequoia)
Needles: 1.75mm
The cable patterns on the legs of these socks don't match. I'd done the original one following the Inside Out pattern. When I found that it wasn't stretchy enough to fit over my incredibly high instep and heel I used a different cable for the leg of sock two. So, although they look like a pair, they don't quite match. Some day (but not tonight) I'll re-knit the leg of sock one.

Pair 52
Still on the needles. Cuff down. Almost to the toe of sock two :-)

The Zaftig Lady Sings...

Well, folks, we've had a good run, but it is drawing to a close (less than 10 hours!!)...
I can hardly believe it's been a year... indeed, for me, it's been about 6 months (my computer was stolen in October so I'm posting hastily--and against policy--from my workplace)...

to those of you who have met and/or exceeded your own expectations...
and a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of those who were up to giving the challenge your all.

I must admit, I finished far short of the goal. I lost a lot of enthusiasm when 1 1/2 socks and 17 pairs-worth of yarn were stolen (in the theft mentioned above). Yes, I know, WHO steals sock yarn?! I think it was a grab-and-go kind of deal --> they took 3 of my bags (computer bag, purse, and woven hobo sack), how did they know what was in the third one! Normally, I would give it another go, but I'm ready for more of a variety in my knitting...

Here's the rub:
I did have fun facilitating the 52PP... so let your friends know that there will be a 52PP 08-09 beginning on 1 June 2008! Sign-ups will end 31 May 2008.
TO SIGN UP: email your name, email address, and website (if applicable) to eknitabeth@gmail.com
If you sign-up post haste, please do not expect a response before 25 May 2008. I have VERY limited computer access and, thus, few chances to check my email!

Twenty-Nine of Fifty-Two, The Final

Here is my last pair for the plunge. Started March 14, finished the 31st. Vanilla socks knit with Fabel sock yarn, 60sts on 2.25mm needles, heel over 30sts, toe to 20sts.

It was fun! At least I surpassed my personal goal of 26 pairs. Would have been nice to hit the 52 mark, but 29 will have to do!

Happy knitting!

49 and 50

Here are pairs 49 and 50

The first is Knit in Koigu KPPPM 68 stitches and size 1 dpns. I am not sure of the color number.
The second pair is knit in Opal Rainforest in the Tiger colorway. 64 stitches on size 1 dpns
I have pair 51 and 52 on the needles and hope to have them finished by midnight.

30 March 2008

45, 46, 47

Pair 45: Pearls

Pattern: Pearls -- Nov 2007 pattern from Socken-Kreativ-Liste
by Stephanie van der Linden
Yarn: Merino/Tencel
Needles: 2.5mm

Pair 46: Marilinda

Pattern: Marilinda by Cookie A. cookiea.com
Yarn: 4-ply Merino/Cashmere from The Knittery
Colorway: Passionfruit
Needles: 2.75mm

Pair 47
Pattern: Stockinette with garter toe and short-row heel
Yarn: ?
Needles: 3.5mm

31 of 52

Last week when I posted my 30th pair of socks I really thought it was my last for this challenge...but I finished pair 31 this morning. Still far from the goal, but a good accomplishment non the less. Here are my Croc Socks... Monica's pattern (available at The Loopy Ewe and The Yarn Grove). I knit these in Lorna's Laces Sock - Sand Ridge on US1 dpn's.

The final Roundup

I think it's pretty unlikely that I'll finish any more socks before April 1, although there is one pair that might make it...

But until then here's the most recent set:

Pair #33


BFF socks for my friend Cathy

Pair #34


Zombie Socks for Sock Madness

Pair #35


And a pair of Uzume socks for me!

Add five more pairs BUT...

The grand total only comes out to 37 pairs of adult socks. It seems that I did not hit the 52 count, but I feel that I did a good showing. so lets view the last five:

Sockamania's March Rib pattern, Lana grossa #5050

Sock madness round #1 Mad Zombies! Trekking XXL #163

Autumn Socks completed in the spring, my own letter design. Regia yarns

Slip stitch pattern. Fortissima

Slippery stitch pattern from Knitty.com Lorna's lace Envy
Its been fun seeing what you have put up for show and tell. I'll keep making socks this year, but I am also looking forward to a few sweaters and other odds ends. I'll be here

28 March 2008

And Pair 52!

Done. Absolutely surprised that I actually finished.

The final pair are Wild Cherry Chain links -

Started 22 March, finished 27 March 08.

Cherry Hill supersock in colourway Wild Cherry (I can just hear you saying duh right about now).

I am leaving the "Charge of the Sock Brigade" contest open for a few more days. Come up with alternative stanzas to the ones I did or help finish the poem and win some sock yarn. Just drop your contribution in the comments section.

Looking back over this last year, I knit socks for just about everyone in the family and certainly replenished my own sock shelf. I found that the trusted and true patterns suited me better than many of the sock club challenges or complicated patterns.

I love warm feet and I want my socks to last a long time (I have several pair, worn regularly which are over 10 years old). But when I can't see all the patterns and hard work once they are on my feet, then I am happy with fancy colours or simple pattern stitches to keep me entertained during the knit.

Summary -
52 pairs of adult socks. All but three pairs were completely started and finished within the year, the other three had less than 1/2 a sock started and had been in the UFO pile for over two years. Since I really needed the needles....

I hope that everyone had as much fun as I.


PS, not going to do this again for a few years. I have other things that I want to knit.

26 March 2008

43 & 44

Pattern: None - just plain ol' stockinette with a ribbed cuff
Yarn: Crystal Palace Maizy (82% corn fiber + 18% elastic nylon)
Needles: 2.75mm (or was it 3.00?)

Pattern: Ripple Weave Sock by Charlene Schurch (from Vogue Knitting - Fall 2006)
Yarn: from my stash and unfortunately separated from its label
Needles: 2.5mm

Pairs 45 & 46 are done but no pictures yet. 47-52 have all been started, some are near completion. Adding all the WIPs up, it looks like I've only got 4.2 socks to go. It'll definitely be close, but I might actually be able to make it :-)

25 March 2008

Thank you!

I am going out with a crazy picture...I made these for my mom who loves them. It was an on-line yarn, I forget the color...size 1.5 needles, plain vanilla pattern. I finished these the last week of 2007.
I cannot believe that a whole year has gone by...thank you so much for starting this KAL! it was fun, though it made me realize that I cannot knit a pair of socks every week for a year, since I also make a lot of other things. I made half that number, and didn't even post all of them here.
I am sort of hoping there will be some kind of continuation of this...it was so great to see all the different socks that people were cranking out.
If this will be closed, well, I had fun! Thanks again.

Charge of the Sock Brigade

with apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson (to read the original poem>). In case you need the reference - the charge of the British light Infantry occurred in 25 Oct 1854, Balaclava, Ukraine in the Crimean War. Other references include this one, this one and this one.

Charge of the Sock Brigade

Half a sock,

half a sock

Chain Link Pattern in Wild Berry - first sock

Half a sock onward

and a sock and a half of the Chain Link Berry

Into the Valley of Panic

knit the one hundred.

'Knit, 52pr Plungers!
Go for the line!'
Into the valley of Panic
Knit the one hundred.

'Forward, on 52 Plungers!'
Was there a knitter dismayed?
Over committed they knew
They had blundered:
Theirs not to make whine,
With hands full of pain,
Theirs but to try, and cry,
Into the valley of Panic
Knit the one hundred.

Yarn to the right of them,
Needles to the left of them
Patterns in front of them,
Cables and Laced.
Overwhelmed with blogs and choices
Boldly they knit well
Into the Jaws of April
Into the mouth of Hell,
Knit the one hundred.

---- -------- -------- -------

Half a sock to go.

(watch for it here and also on Proseknitic )

(if you want to reference this - please use the following permalink - http://www.proseknitic.de/2008/03/charge-of-the-sock-brigadecharge-of-the-sock-brigade/)