28 March 2008

And Pair 52!

Done. Absolutely surprised that I actually finished.

The final pair are Wild Cherry Chain links -

Started 22 March, finished 27 March 08.

Cherry Hill supersock in colourway Wild Cherry (I can just hear you saying duh right about now).

I am leaving the "Charge of the Sock Brigade" contest open for a few more days. Come up with alternative stanzas to the ones I did or help finish the poem and win some sock yarn. Just drop your contribution in the comments section.

Looking back over this last year, I knit socks for just about everyone in the family and certainly replenished my own sock shelf. I found that the trusted and true patterns suited me better than many of the sock club challenges or complicated patterns.

I love warm feet and I want my socks to last a long time (I have several pair, worn regularly which are over 10 years old). But when I can't see all the patterns and hard work once they are on my feet, then I am happy with fancy colours or simple pattern stitches to keep me entertained during the knit.

Summary -
52 pairs of adult socks. All but three pairs were completely started and finished within the year, the other three had less than 1/2 a sock started and had been in the UFO pile for over two years. Since I really needed the needles....

I hope that everyone had as much fun as I.


PS, not going to do this again for a few years. I have other things that I want to knit.

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eKNITabeth said...

Well Done, good and persistent knitter!