29 November 2007

Slow and SteadyProgress

I finished pairs 30 and 31 and I have two more pairs on the needles.

HCY Holly Socks 1 Hill Country Yarn Holly colorway.

DSC03216 Knit Picks Swish DK in Winter - I love this yarn. The socks were knit on size 4 Harmony needles so they were a fast knit. I will have to throw a few more pairs of these in if I want to reach the 52 pair goal!!

3 more pairs

I'm still far behind, but in the last 3 days I got 3 pairs of socks finished. So here are pair 14, 15 and 16!

First up is a pair of commissioned socks. For a guy, following a pattern his daughter used to use.

commissioned man socks

Yarn : Annell sock yarn (75%wool, 25%nylon)
Needles : 2,5mm inox circ
Pattern : broken rib I think (it's K2, P3 in one round, K2,P1,K1,P1 in the following round), long heel, dutch toe

These socks are huge. Each sock took almost a full 50gr ball. But they are done. Phew. On to some knitting for myself now.

Next up are some very plain socks for myself!

Plain Regia socks

Yarn : Regia Canadian Colour (4ply)
Needles : 2mm addi turbo
Pattern : spiraling rib and then plain with short heel and dutch toe
Started : July 2007
Finished : November 26 2007

These were my "movie socks", so plain knitting. I just decided to finally finish them and start a new pair of movie socks! :D

Then the anklets for my sister, a Christmas present!

Sisters anklets - take 2

Yarn : Hello Yarn handdyed 100% superwash merino yarn (dyed at my request)
Needles : 3mm knitpicks circ
Pattern : standard long heel dutch toe
Started : November 27 2007
Finished : November 28 2007

Quite a quick knit, right? I could have knitted them in one day if I had had more time on Tuesday (I started making a list of all my knitting books, but more on that later). But 2 days is quite quickly! Ok, these are only anklets and they were knit on 3mm needles but I'm happy they are done.

28 November 2007

#29 and lagging behind!

The combination of a vacation topped off by a nasty cold cut seriously into my productivity. I felt like a slug . . . so, I did my best imitation of one, and just laid there in my recliner. I did manage to complete the pictured Cavy Shops Zig Zags in Opal 6-ply on US 3's. I'm enchanted by the pattern. It's such a simple repeat, and gives such interesting texture. I signed up for SSEC (Sock Stash Elimination Campaign). I cataloged my sock yarns . . . fingering weights only, and found that I could easily sign up for another year and a half of the 52 pair plunge. I have 104 opportunities for socks, and three more pairs on the needles. It must be an addiction . . . my name is Linda, and I love sock yarn. Hope to post another pair in a day or so; just turned the heel and racing for the toe! Knit on!

26 November 2007

Eighteen of Fifty-Two

Finally finished a pair #18 and November socks for the SAM4 KAL. They are blah wool work socks for my step FIL for Christmas. They are knit with Briggs & Little Tuffy (80% wool, 20% nylon) in Smoke with Red Mix stripes. I used their Heavy Socks pattern. I have yarn to make him another pair in Oatmeal. I have to take breaks and work on something else once in awhile. I find the heavy wool and 3.25mm needles can be hard on the hands.

Happy knitting!

Sheri aka Lexa

Pair 24

Finished with pair 24. The eldest daughter reminded me the other day that I am behind in my pair a week sock knitting :) I am working on fixing that. These are Dancing Tulips knit in Spritely Goods Sylph in the Manzanita in Bloom II colorway


Moving slowly like a snail, but still getting a sock or two done. here is pair 25 made from the sockamania November Ripples pattern. I used Trekking XXL #123 colorway.

20 November 2007


Finished another pair. These are knit in STR Scottish Highlands. Just a simple 5x2 rib. 56 stitches and 2.75mm dpns

18 November 2007

Still here, but going slowly

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Socks That Rock colorway Lucy In The Sky
Size Large Women's Socks
Size 3/3.25 mm Harmony Needles
1 Skein


Hope these socks don`t scary you. I threaded in some glow in the dark ghosts. tried to get them done in time for Halloween, but running a bit behind. :)
Threads are Fortissima with the glittery strand and the glow yarn was found in a random dime shop. pattern is a basic 56 stich on size 3 needles.


BIL's socks

Pair 23 is done! More details on my blog.

13 November 2007

Pairs #21 and #22

November has been pretty good for getting socks done so far, and I think that will probably continue over my Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe I'll catch up!

Pair #21

This crazy pair is for Sockin' It to Maggie.

Pair #22 are Clementine from Socktopia.

Both enjoyable knits. :)

Catching up

Ever since I returned from China and had that wonderful fun with "lost on the plane knitting" - I have not been great about posting socks.

The first 31 pairs are here on the family website.

Since then - I have knit a few more pairs - Chameleon Colorwork's Peacock, a pair of regia Crazy Stripe Pink for Ms Pink (yes, she has been forgiven), a pair of Wyvern out of pink and a pair of Salmon stripe chain link.

I have them up on Ravelry - and I will post the blog links as soon as I finish the second of the Wickeds on the needles.


12 November 2007


Just off the needles... Purled Arches (also known as the Sockittome Monet Socks), designed by my sister Monica. Knit in Claudia Handpainted - Midnight colorway. Blogger is not letting me post a picture here. If you would like to see them please visit my blog.


Pairs 21 - 23

I don't know why the image quality is so poor this time around.
Baby socks that match pair 18 - same yarn - Meilenweit Mega boot Stretch

- Cascade fixation - done simutaneously on 2 circulars.

Lion Brand wool

number 24 and...

This is a pair of Holly's sock from Sock Bug. It is a simple fun pattern. I used Trekking #144 size #2 needles.

08 November 2007

Christmas trip

I know I haven't posted in a long time. I haven't even really been knitting that much, especially not socks. But, since I'm a part of this group, and I joined it to be a part of the online knitting community I have to ask: does anyone know of any yarn shops in the Lancaster, PA area? I'll be spending two weeks there from December 14 to January 2 while my boyfriend works with lasers and computers at his second job. I know that I'll need to spend some time with my yarn. I've got my list of what yarns to bring (now I've got to plan my clothes).
I'm also doing an internet search, but I thought some first-hand knowledge would do me well.
Thanks in advance,

04 November 2007


They are finally done (and I even have hopes of actually catching up sometime). Here are the stats on the socks:
Pattern: Charade
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Child's Play
Started: 8/10/07
Finished 11/3/07
Needles: US1 dpn's

01 November 2007

#18 - #20

A couple more pairs to share...

#18 is knit with Regia 6 ply in the Chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks

#19 is the Crosshatch Lace pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks knit in Macek Designs yarn

And #20 is just a simple stockinette pair in Lorna's Laces Socknitters Winter Sunset

21 & 22

Pattern: "Gluttonous Soles" - my design
Yarn: Fearless Fibers Superwash Merino in "Gluttony" colorway - from the Seven Deadly Sins Sock Club
Needles: 2.0mm Magic Loop

Pattern: Nordic Lights by Janel Laidman
Yarn: 2 colors of Meilenweit Mega Boot Stretch by Lana Grossa
Needles: 2.5mm Magic Loop