28 November 2007

#29 and lagging behind!

The combination of a vacation topped off by a nasty cold cut seriously into my productivity. I felt like a slug . . . so, I did my best imitation of one, and just laid there in my recliner. I did manage to complete the pictured Cavy Shops Zig Zags in Opal 6-ply on US 3's. I'm enchanted by the pattern. It's such a simple repeat, and gives such interesting texture. I signed up for SSEC (Sock Stash Elimination Campaign). I cataloged my sock yarns . . . fingering weights only, and found that I could easily sign up for another year and a half of the 52 pair plunge. I have 104 opportunities for socks, and three more pairs on the needles. It must be an addiction . . . my name is Linda, and I love sock yarn. Hope to post another pair in a day or so; just turned the heel and racing for the toe! Knit on!

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