08 November 2007

Christmas trip

I know I haven't posted in a long time. I haven't even really been knitting that much, especially not socks. But, since I'm a part of this group, and I joined it to be a part of the online knitting community I have to ask: does anyone know of any yarn shops in the Lancaster, PA area? I'll be spending two weeks there from December 14 to January 2 while my boyfriend works with lasers and computers at his second job. I know that I'll need to spend some time with my yarn. I've got my list of what yarns to bring (now I've got to plan my clothes).
I'm also doing an internet search, but I thought some first-hand knowledge would do me well.
Thanks in advance,


FireDragon said...

There are a couple
O'Susanna Roherstown Rd and Marietta Ave She has a lot of things best to know what you are looking for. Legacy Yarn in Willow Street. Lababbie Looms in Bird in Hand. A store in Adamstown and one in Stausburg.

FireDragon said...

oops spelled Lababie wrong. And forgot Kitknit.