01 April 2008

I finished 33 out of 52 pairs.

I haven't downloaded the camera yet but pair 33 looks a lot like pair 32. I still have 2 pair on needles.


Here are pairs 32 (again) and 33.

Pair 32 looks different from the original photo because I found that one sock was longer than the other. since I already had pair 33 on the needles, I adjusted and got two pairs in the right sizes.

I had fun doing this. I learned a couple of new techniques like knitting a sock on two circular needles and later, knitting two socks on two circular needles. I might have been able to get more socks knitted, but I can't ride a bike and knit at the same time. Plus I knit two sweaters for the baby and a couple of hats, and worked on afghan blocks for charity, and taught a couple of friends to crochet and another to knit.

Good luck to everyone and maybe we'll meet again. I'm not sure if I'll sign up in June, but who knows.

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