30 April 2007

Still on track!

Despite being on vacation, with travels ranging from Central Wisconsin to Paducah, Kentucky, I managed to complete Pair #4, using Sock-it-to-Me on US 2's, using Cat Bordhi's basic sock pattern. The match paired up very closely, but is off color by about one row. Pretty close, I'd say.

On my vacation, I was with my friends and sister-in-law for the American Quilt Society Show in Paducah. I was trying to find a way to slip over to a yarn shop without inconveniencing all the others in our vehicle. Fortunately for me, while visiting the quilt vendors on Broadway, we discovered a shop called, "The Guild". They also had a knitting section, so I had both my hobbies covered. I indulged in a skein of Schaefer Anne, a pink to carmel color run. I nearly bought some "ordinary" washable wool, when I realized I could have wool and silk in a lovely periwinkle for the same price. So, those two purchases have been added to my sock basket - some assembly required, of course. Also found some Wool-ease to use for those younger members of the family who might not be too cautious in the care of hand-knit socks.

As usual, with this annual event, a good time was had by all. We also had the good fortune to be able to meet two internet friends, who were staying at the same resort. Each evening we had "show and tell". Lots of fun . . . can't wait till next year!

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