29 April 2007

Niagara Falls

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Niagara FallsGiven where I am located plus my tendency to use the US Mailroom because of the cheaper postage, all of my kits seem to arrive long after other people have theirs. This was my second Chameleon Colorworks kit.

The Pattern is called Niagara Falls, the yarn is a typical sock yarn blend, hand dyed in a speckled shades of blue. It didn't look like much in the skein, but now I really like how the watery look appears after knitting

Knit on 2,5mm needles over 60 stitches, I am happier with the second sock than the first as I tighted up the gauge a bit.


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Elysbeth said...

Lovely fresh colours. Will you re-knit the first one or let it even up in the wash?