29 April 2007

First 2 out of 52 pairs

1.The blue on is a modified Jaywalker with cast on 64, 2mm Addi circular 2 sock on 1Start 4/12; End: 4/27
2.The pink on is cast on 64 with 1.5mm circular addi needles, 2 socks on 1Start 4/02; End: 4/12
Both socks are for my friends' 40 birthday on April 9..........a little late:) have to give her soon!! -Esther


Holly said...

don't we all do that with things that we are sure - absolutely, positively sure - will be completed on time.

And aren't.

This way, and she will love them, your gift will stand out and not be lost in all the others. Even if you are reminding her again (grin) that she is 40.


Heddy said...

I am sure she'll love them, even though they are late-- way better than a store bought gift!

eKNITabeth said...

wow! what beautiful yarn (on both pairs)... where did you get it? what were the colorways?