24 April 2007

On Track - Sort Of

Haven't checked in, in a minute, but here's a re-cap of my progress.

2nd pair was completed this past Saturday. 66st Chevron pattern sock. Yarn was undyed Merino/Tencel 50/50 blend. I dyed it with Kool aid , an notice the pooling, but the socks are indeed wearable.

3rd pair is so close to being completely done, I just have to set the twist on some additional yarn, as that sock is knit from my handspun.

4th Pair is 1 sock in. It's mate got put on hold, because my son needs a pair of crazy socks for a Sock Parade his school is having tomorrow. His socks, my 5th pair got started last night and they MUST be done TONIGHT. Wish me luck ya'll.

So yes, I'm right on track, just not in any order that makes sense to me! Lol.

Happy Sock Knitting

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