22 April 2007

Pair Four's Frenetic Finish

I finished my 4th pair for the month of April, only 48 more to go for the 52 pair challenge. These are based on the Horcrux pattern by Susan Pierce Lawrence, available to members of the Six Sock KAL Yahoo group. I used one skein each of green Socka wool and heather grey Kroy. Both yarns had been aging well in my stash. I only had one skein of the grey yarn and thought it wouldn't be enough for a pair of evenly striped socks, so I came up with this idea. DD (she whose socks must be identical) really liked the first sock. She plays soccer and liked the stripes and the lace combined. I showed it to her when I was at the heel turn & she suggested I make a solid green foot and a grey toe. I added the crenelated stranded design at the toe to simulate the castle battlements of Hogwarts School and soften the transition.

I started this pairlast Sunday and finished them today. One week from start to finish! That might be a new record for me. In order to keep up with the 52 pair plunge, I'm trying to cast on for sock two as soon as I finish sock one and keep knitting. Usually I start a new sock project when I finish sock one and come back to sock two after making a few different patterns. This helps me alleviate boredom and makes the pattern fresh again. I also finished another sock this week and made some beaded stitch markers.


Carol said...

I love those socks. Of course green just happens to be my favorite color.

I like the way you used two different yarns to modify the pattern.

Laura said...

Beautiful rendition of the Horcrux socks!!