18 July 2007

28 & 29

These were finished 3 July 07. Chain link pattern knit of Monarch Sockyarn from AngoraValley. Absolutely wonderful yarn with high twist and a great bounce.

It never lasts long in my stash. Pattern is a two row, six stitch repeat knit over 60 stitches on 2,5 mm dps.

And then there is the Serpentine - by Anni from Sockmania. It is the July pattern. Out of Tofutsie, these are for the youngest who really likes anklets.

For fun I carried the cables down the heels.

Now I just have to manage to finish up the Sockapaloozas and the other three pairs sitting in the que before the end of the month.....



Elysbeth said...

Gracious Holly! That sock yarn is so purdy I'd like it on a calendar page please. What will you do with 52 is but a distant memory?

Holly said...

By the end of this year, all the family and friends will be well stocked with socks.

Next year, it is going to be vests.

trixie stix said...

Holly, I love the red ones . . . don't you think we are related some how . . . way back?! :-)