28 March 2007

An Here We Go

Hi, my name is Lara and I am a sock/yarn addict.

Things to get done before April 1:

1. Get zip lock bags to hold all my socks that I will complete, except for the mate
2. Put all appropriate size dpn's and 36" or larger circulars in central, within reach location so casting on a new sock will be quick and painless
3. Practice entering credit card number at sock yarn sites, so when purchases are necessary things will go smooth. Note to self - pay off balance so there is room to charge new yarn
4. Accumulate as many new patterns as possible to keep things fresh
5. Get foot measurements of all people in my friends/family circle, preferably only the ones with small feet (kidding).

I am looking forward to this challenge and meeting new people through 52 Pair Plunge. So you can get to know me, feel free to visit my blog at Trixie's Stix. Can't wait to see all the beautiful socks everyone makes!

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