27 March 2007

Hello from New Hampshire!

Hi! I saw the announcement of the 52 Pair Plunge on eKNITabeth's blog shortly after she posted it, and the idea nagged at me until I joined. I have recently embarked on a sock yarn binge and this endeavor is the perfect justification for my buying spree!

I am a stay-at-home mom and small farmer in New Hampshire. I have three kids - ages 24 (lives nearby), 15 and 9. We also have four dogs (one of them a five-month-old puppy), three cats, five alpacas, two dairy goats (one of them due in mid-April, the other due in early May if she is indeed pregnant - I'm still not sure), and about two dozen chickens. I learned to knit as a small child and picked it up at various times during my life, becoming "serious" about it around the time DD (the 15 yr old) was born. I also spin, quilt, weave, etc, etc.

I have two blogs - one about my fiber arts at http://fiberarts.typepad.com and the other one about the farm (generally far less interesting and more for my own reference of what was done when) at http://nexusalpacas.blogspot.com . I also have a podcast, The FiberCast, that I started last year. I managed ten episodes and then life intervened in a big way, and I've been on ... an extended hiatus, shall we say... until recently. The FiberCast has now been revived with renewed enthusiasm, and I'm sure our little group will merit a mention on the next show!

I have one pair of socks almost finished (stacking the deck in my favor that I'll be able to finish at least that pair the first week!) and I'm working on another pair. I'm also collecting family shoe and foot size information in anticipation of whipping out a few (or a dozen) pairs of worsted or bulky-weight slipper socks for the holidays!

Nice to be here with fellow over-achievers!

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