30 March 2007

many hellos!

I decided to join yesterday in a moment of weakness. I have a problem finishing pairs of socks, so I was thinking "hey, if I set this goal for myself, I can finish all those mates and sock club kits that are languishing in my stash".

So last night I took a state of the sock inventory: 9 mateless socks, with 1 mate on the needles and one unfinished single on the needles. I think I'll start out Sunday with finishing up those mates, and so I may have two pairs of finished socks to show per week for a few weeks, but only one "pair" knit. ;)

I made a spreadsheet. I didn't plan out all 52 weeks, but as I am an extremely unorganized person, I know that if I don't plot out at least some, I will be distracted by the shiny new.

Tonight, I plan on taking a sock yarn stash inventory (i'm sure the sheer numbers are terrifying, as sock yarn does not "count" as stash enhancement, gulp.) and pattern inventory of things I want to knit from books & websites. Wish me luck and hope I come out alive!

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