30 March 2007

If I were smart...

I'd quit finishing socks before the KAL starts! So far since deciding to join in I've finished 4 pairs of socks, and I'm coming up on the 5th. You'd think I'd want to hold up to give me some leeway, but I guess I'm kind of dorky like that. I think this whole thing is a great idea and I'll be glad to finally use up some of the stash that I obviously wanted to knit at one point in time. I do have enough yarn for more than 50 pairs, if you count dye-your-own yarn that is not yet dyed. My plan is to knit as many socks as I can from books that I have and of course Socks that Rock club patterns as they come out. I'm a pretty selfish knitter, so most of the socks I will keep, but I'm sure I'll be giving away a good part of the loot. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and happy knitting!


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