23 March 2007

*dancing around wildly brandishing dpns*

Can't wait for this to start, can't wait for this to start...greetings to everyone, this is my first KAL and I am also very new to "socking"! My current handknit sock stash comprises four pairs (being wearable, that is...), two knit by my boyfriend's granny and two pairs by me...but the yarn stash holds many a skein of lovely sock yarn (though I heard that they don't really count as stash...something I still have to convince my boyfriend of, he is a doubter still) waiting to be knit into lovely socks!

I have already collected quite a few patterns (I think that maybe knitting my generic stockinette pattern will be a bit boring over the course of 52 socks) and ordered the Interweave book...this IS so mighty exiting!

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