29 March 2007


guess I should introduce myself too :) I'm Eva, from Luxembourg, and I'm crazy for trying this hehehe.

I've seen several familiar faces so far and I hope to get to know the other faces too.

I have enough yarn for the 52 pairs (I think even that you won't even notice that I've used sock yarn by the end of this KAL hehehe), but of course couldn't resist to order more before starting.

My plan is to knit mostly socks for me and baby socks. I normally knit 4 or 5 pairs at once... one sock of each pair and then when I've got 4-5 singletons, I'll knit their twins. But now that I need to finish a pair a week I'll knit baby socks when I notice that I won't make it. I don't have a baby or even know people who have/get them, but I'm planning on selling them on etsy by the time xmas rolls around.

I also just started a KAL for the Bellocq Stockings from Stitch Diva.

Cheers Eva

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Necia said...

Please explain how you knit 4 or 5 socks at a time? I'm assuming you use a long circular, but don't you end up with a tangled mess? I would love to try something like that.