29 March 2007


Hey there, Gals & Pals!

I can hardly believe it, but we've passed the 50-member mark!
(And we've still got 9.5 days for sign-ups!)

I'm also writing this memo for another reason...
My friend, Beth in WI, brought an important point to my attention -- some people in this KAL may not have an idea what to do with all the socks they're pledging (if everyone meets their goal, there will be 2,808 more pairs of socks in the world come April 2008). She shared the following with me:

I was reading the new copy of Guideposts magazine, and there is an article about a program called anysoldier.com, which you can use to find a soldier (or sailor, etc.) who doesn't get much mail.I went there immediately, and clicked on anysailor.com (Mr. Beth is a Navy vet) and started looking for women's names. After about four clicks I found a female canine handler who works with a bomb-sniffing dog. In her comments she wrote about several things that sailors would appreciate getting, then said this: "Anything on the feminine side would be great because we keep getting packages with male stuff in it. We could always use socks made for smaller feet because they don't sell any womens socks over here."Ring a bell? Light a bulb? Make you want to knit socks?

May this inspire you and also open discussion on other possible charities that could benefit from our busy hands!


Elysbeth said...

Very nice idea.
Thank you Beth in WI

Teri said...

My knitting guild does a bunch of charity knitting. But I plan to give some of the socks to the Dulaan Project as well. Another worthy cause.

Delana said...

I'm so glad you posted this!! I just found an Air Force unit that needs black and brown boot socks!! Woohoo! Guess I now know what 14 pair of my socks will be, and where they will go :o)

Anastacia said...

I'd also love to suggest CIC - www.childrenincommon.org. They need wool socks - preferably 100% or as close to that as possible - in ww or bulky yarns, in as little as 4" for foot sizes. They knit up really fast, and I'm planning on making about half of my socks for CIC, if not more. I usually make mismatched socks for CIC, using up scraps... so it's really great for this!!

Bev Love said...

Love this idea. At least half of mine will be looking for a good home.