30 March 2007

I'm Ready to Take the Plunge

I made an inventory of my sock yarn in January and determined that, at the rate I have been knitting socks, averaging 9 pairs a year since 2000, I have 20 years worth of sock yarn to knit with. That's at least 270 skeins of sock yarn! (Some are 50 gram and some are 100 gram skeins.) I toned down my sock yarn purchases dramatically, except for Stitches West in February. I've used stash yarn to knit all of the socks I've recently made. I joined a few swaps and got rid of some yarn that way. (More came in the mail, but that's another story!) Last year I made a concerted effort to finish all of my second socks and pretty much succeeded, and hope to do the same this year. I finished a pair last night, which is the fourth pair I've finished in March, so I think I might be able to keep up with all of you. I can always knit CIC socks if I fall behind. I have lots of first socks to finish the mates to, so that helps.

I started a new pair of socks last night after finishing up the last pair. I was thinking they would be the infamous Monkey socks, but I may change my mind, depending on how the yarn looks knit up. I'm still on the ribbing right now. I will post my progress on my blog. The yarn is dark and looks like it would like to be Dublin Bay or maybe Maple Leaves.


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Anonymous said...

Margie, you're quite near me up in HMB. I'm down in Willow Glen! Perhaps if we feel we're flagging on our Plunge (not that that would happen to ME...) perhaps we should organize a bit of a South Bay Knit-In? Or even just a cup of coffee at a nice cafe. Nice to meet you! -T