31 March 2007

here we go!

I must be crazy, but I did it. I signed up for this awsome challange to knit 52 pairs in one year. I do need to knit a lot of baby/kid socks this year since everyone seems to be pregnant around here. (Is it contagious? Cause I'd need to keep away from them.) So I figure I might make it. I will enjoy this experience anyway.

So, who am I? I am a Dutch 25-year old who discovered knitting a year ago and fell in love with knitting socks about 8 months ago. I have two cats, no kids and a loving partner with whom I've bought a house with in Holland. At the moment I have two pairs in progress. One for a friend who's getting married in three weeks and one for me in a flickering flames pattern.

So here we go! Tomorrow is April 1st and I'll start knitting socks crazely.

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Eva said...

Hoi Jenneke,
when I saw your name I was pretty sure you'd be dutch :) Where in the Netherlands are you? I'm in Luxembourg and am from Antwerp (thus dutch speaking :))
Cheers Eva