29 March 2007

Socks . . . Some Assembly Required

This morning, I had never heard of a "knit-along", and now I'm in one! 52 Pair Plunge, indeed. This may be the first time my pattern of jumping into a subject with both feet is really on target! Picture shows the top layer of what some term a stash, but I have learned that since it is all sock yarn, and it has a designated purpose to be made into socks, it really should be known as "Socks - Some Assembly Required". I've been in a sock knitting frenzy since the first of the year . . . playing along with this KAL will give some purpose, since I have already decided to make socks for Christmas gifts this year. My basket contains in the general neighborhood of 32 pairs, with maybe a couple extra pairs made from the scraps of others. That seems like a pretty good start! Also shown in my 3-inch binder just full of sock patterns I have collected from the internet, and a few books. As we move on in our adventure, I have a couple vintage knitting books from the 1940's of which I'll snap some pictures for sharing.

I learned to knit while in high school, and still wear my first sweater. Foolishly, the first socks I made at that time were for one of the guys that I grew up with . . . foolish, because he wore size 15 shoes! That's not even the worst part . . . I made knee highs that had his Greek affiliation on a panel up one side, and his college on the other. They took so long to knit, I kind of lost my enthusiasm, and haven't done socks again until about 3 years ago when I first stumbled upon some of the self-striping yarns. Looking forward to getting to know everyone . . . we're really going to have fun! Needles at the ready, let the countdown begin!

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