29 March 2007

52 pairs of socks?

Upon hearing I'd signed up for this KAL, my DP said, "Cool, I guess I'm going to get a lot of socks this year." Heh, I suppose he's probably right. And then the realization that I'd just signed on to knit 52 pairs of socks in a year sunk in and I looked at all my yarn and my needles and my hands and thought, whoa, that's a lot of knitting! But since I hardly knit anything but socks these days, why not?!

I came to sock knitting reluctantly. I hated making my first few pairs, and it showed in how poorly they fit and how sloppy my finishing was. When I started knitting them toe-up on two circulars, though, everything sort of clicked for me and now I'm fully addicted.

Anyway, *wave* my name is Aimee, I live in California, I'm a stay-home homeschooling hippy mama to a five year-old daughter who keeps asking me to knit her socks and I keep putting it off knowing she'll outgrow them faster than I can knit them. Maybe tube socks for her, without a heel she could wear them longer...

Some of my socks are here.

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Deb said...

How exciting for me to see a finished pair of Diamante socks!

Gorgeous work all around!