25 March 2007

What?!? I did what?

I am starting to get a little nervous about the Plunge. What will I do with the socks? How much will it cost? Will my fingers take all those small needles? What about spinning time?

At the same time....Whoo Hoo, Yippee, this will be fun. There's no Knitting Police. There will be no Death by DPN (sounds like a M. Seaton book) for failure. And, I figure, the stories from this blog will be frightfully amusing.

Looking forward to knitting with you.

Elysbeth C.

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Eva said...

LOL... I've got sooo much sock yarn that it won't cost me a cent... although, I've just found this great new German yarn company that I've decided to reward myself every 3-4 weeks with one of their colors.
I'm actually planning on selling some of the pairs of socks online. But mainly, I only have 8-9 pairs of handknit socks and this will get my own supply stocked up :) More socks = less laundry = more knitting time!!!
Cheers Eva - PS you can read about the German yarn company on my blog...