22 March 2007

Rehash from eknitabeth DOT typepad DOT com...

The week of 1 April (in honor of my birthday, which is not 1 April but IS during that week), The 52 Pair Plunge KAL will commence. Anyone interested in participating must pledge to knit 52 pairs of socks between now and 1 April 2008. There is no restriction on type of sock (child/adult/decorative/etc.) or level of difficulty or material used. Have fun with it! Of course, it is suggested to do a pair of socks each week of the year, but for those of us who like to procrastinate ;D... you just need to have 52 pairs done by the date above. If you're interested in participating, please help yourself to the button below AND please send me an email (eknitabeth AT gmail DOT com) so i can track your progress!
Best of Luck!

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