29 March 2007

new member

I have been watching this KAL since it first started and kept thinking to myself " 52 pairs of socks you have to be kidding, that's alot of socks" but as I watched people join and kept looking over at the tub of sock yarn I thought to my self. " maybe" " no that's just crazy I can't knit that many" I'm the worlds slowest sock knitter and even worse then that I have a bad habit of only knitting one sock before moving on to another project. But as people continue to join and the starting date nears I couldn't help myself I had to join. So I guess I should ask.l. if I go back and knit the other sock to all thoes single socks does that count towards the 52??

I may not make it to 52 but I bet we all have fun trying!


EvaLux said...

Stephanie... yes that counts!!! A pair is a pair!!! another thing you can do is knit baby/toddler socks. I can do a 3-6 month sized sock in 1.5 hours, so if I have a week where I can't do a lot of knitting that is what I'll be doing.
Cheers Eva

Stephanie said...

ohhh baby socks. I didn't think of that. I have one friend who just had a boy and one who is trying to have a baby so this might might help me alot.