01 May 2007

Cyber SEX and the end of Month #1!

Well, gals & pals, we're already a month into the plunge--and some of us have barely gotten our feet wet! A hearty congratulations to all of you who have completed at least 4 pairs of socks by this point in our challenge. To those of you (like me) who are not quite there yet, congratulations as well... I haven't heard of a single person who has gone "toe-up" over the plunge, or anyone being sent to the looney bin muttering about "turning heels" (yet).

I'm rather proud of myself that i'm not too far behind: pairs 2 & 3 have been completed and pair 4 is in the works. Unfortunately, i don't have any pictures of pair 3, as my camera went M.I.A. for a few days (during which pair 3 was completed and given away), but i am including a photo of the matching hat so you can get a rough idea. Pairs 2 & 3 were gifts to one of my fellow teachers and her newborn-to-be. She's due in a week or two-ish, so these pairs got moved up the to-do list... So, about those pictures:

Pair 2

The hat that matched pair 3

For any of you squeamish about reading this because of the title, let me assure you i mean a "Stash Enrichment eXcursion" of the online variety. I shopped WhiteOakStudios on Etsy and was very pleased with the result! Jana's photos were accurate, her emails were friendly, and her shipping was prompt... plus, with the 52PP deal, i got a free pattern ;D (and you could too!) I bought the yarn below in the colorway "Pink Panther" to go with the capri's i've been dying to make for some time now. See below:

Keep posting! Your socks are amazing!


PS - I'm almost finished with the groupie button. I will post it when completed and how to get it!

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