12 April 2007

Mea Culpa...

Hey Gals & Pals,
Please welcome the 92nd member of our KAL, Kellie F. Kellie F. did make the cut-offs but for some reason, her email message was directed to the trash. So, please welcome her as one of our own. Also, for anyone following the blog, or knitting-along who didn't make the sign-up cut-offs, send me an email, and i'll send you a "52PP groupie" button so you can continue to cheer us on!

OF NOTE: I am pleased to write that i have made a KAL connection (in the flesh) with one of our own-- Ms. Joan! We met yesterday at The Mannings, which is a knitters' paradise on Earth! (They also have online ordering, so check it out!) I will definitely need to make some more pilgrimages there in the coming year, as--to my knowledge-- there are no real yarn stores in my neck of West (By God) Virginia.

oooOOOooo! This just in--
We have received an offer from Jana Van Wyk of White Oak Studio! She is offering a special deal for 52PP participants:
With each item (one item is 2 skeins of yarn) the buyer receives a FREE sock pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs ( to view designs browse this site www.wildhorsefarmdesigns.com) - retail value $5.50. The buyer may choose one of these 4 patterns "Penllyn", "Metropolis", "Rococo", and "Stillwater". Purchase on www.whiteoakstudio.etsy.com and put 52pairplunge in the note to seller, along with your pattern choice. I will send the pattern along with the yarn. And, as always, orders combined for over $50 are shipped free in the U.S.
How amazing is that! Order soon--the yarns are gorgeous & they're going fast!
(I hope Ms. Van Wyk will be able to meet our demands ;D)

As always, Happy Socking & Best of Luck,

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Kerry said...

How Awesome is That!! 92 Members.. and Groupies.. and Deals on Sock Yarn and patterns. I hope she has enough for all of us. As you know, Sock Yarn doesn't count as Stash.