12 April 2007

Tigers 2 - Mom 0

At first they were going to be for my husband, but they turned out to be too bright for him. I thought about my son, but his feet were too big and he has this lousy habit of walking around in his socks.
But the 18 year old daughter thought they were really cool, and they were tal enough that she can wear them with her ever present boots (as long as I shortened them a bit in the foot).
So there you have it - the original (2000) Opal Tiger knit on 64 stitches. They are 20 cm tall and 23 cm long. Knit on 2,5 mm needles.

ProseKnitic in Heidelberg

1 comment:

Kerry said...

I'm always so jealous when I see a pair of Opal Tigers. Your daughter is a really lucky woman.