12 April 2007

First Post

Pairs 1 & 2
... I had fallen behind (and I am only midway through week 2 -- not a really encouraging sign!), so I spent some time on the weekend knitting, and made a quick pair of toddler socks . The red socks are made of Tresco Garn, leftovers from the first pair of socks I ever knit (5 years ago!), and I am not sure who they'll be for. They are pretty scratchy and rough, hopefully they soften up a bit when I wash them (too scratchy for a child!) -- they may just be a decoration to hang on a shelf!

The other pair are my Austerman Step socks -- I am so happy to be done them (finally) ... I love the colours and am so happy they ended up being mine. I am calling them my "Whiskys" after the colour name. They are just a simple ribbed cuff, stocking stitch sock with a short row heel. I finished them on Sunday night, but didn't take a picture of them until just now ... lazy/busy!
Everyone is making such pretty socks ... I have to start searching for the next pattern to make! I am totally inspired!


Kerry said...

I love your Whisky socks. I can't believe how well you got the striped to match up on both of them. Way to Go!!

lexa said...

You did get them to match pretty well this time, didn't you? I have this color marked on my order list (if she'll hurry up and order it!).