01 May 2007

Slow on the up load

It is so much fun to keep knitting. Taking time to photo and post seems to be a low priority because I tell myself.... I 'm almost finished with the next pair, so I'll post then. Probably tomorrow I will post that pair I have close to completion.
This is pair #3 & #4. The Red pair is Claudia's in Chocolate Cherry. (YUM) It is a toe up 56 sts on size 3. My friends challenged me to make a toe up. I am kind of old fashioned. The first sock was easy as I followed the instructions, then the second one did not look like the first one and needed an overhaul. Now they are much better. The Yellow Green Blue is The Mad Weave in Lorna's Lace Daffodil size #2 needles. Yes, my feet are very happy!

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