06 April 2007


First pair of socks complete! I'm a purist, so I didn't commence these until April 1. In fact, I raced madly to finish a pair on Saturday, so that my needles would be free to launch this pair the next morning. Pattern is David Mackay's Basketcase sock, done in Knit Picks Parade, a dk weight on size 2 needles. You will notice that the match is fairly even all the way to the toe. I was about 1/2" shy of getting into the turquoise at the toe of the second sock. This must be the Murphy's law of sock knitting!

This pair goes into the Christmas Box for 2007. One branch of the family is very into outdoor activities, such as hiking, so I'll bet these find a home at the Newman's!

Also pictured are two acquisitions this week. More inspiration . . . like I needed it. I have continued to "mine the internet" for free patterns, which resulted in getting an additional three-ring binder. It hasn't even been a week, and I'm contemplating a third binder!

My recliner is all warmed up, needles at the ready, and yarn laid out for Pair #2. It's a simple sock made with Lion Brand Wool-ease, an odd ball in my stash that I put aside for doll clothes. The resulting pair is for a young person who I suspect will not have time or temperament to care for a more expensive yarn. They can learn on this pair, and in about ten years, I'll knit a more elegant pair. This will also be a chance to try a lace pattern.

By the way, for those weeks when the 7-day deadline looms before you, scout the web for the pattern for Opal mini-socks. It's a tiny little cute pair to be used as part of a bookmark! Might be just the ticket to save us from being defeated by the deadline!

Knit on!


Hope said...

Do you think the favorite socks book has a lot of re-printed patterns from Interweave Knits or is it mostly original patterns? I haven't had a chance to look at it in person.

And, uh, 7-day deadline? :-{

Bev Love said...

There are 19 reprints and 6 new patterns.