05 April 2007

Knitting on the dock of the Bay

Hi all, it's Bev from San Francisco. I am glad to join the fun, this is really going to be a challenge. But I have all of the yarn I need at least:
Row 1: Socks That Rock
Row 2: Regia Silk and Regia Color
Row 3: Mystical Creations; Lorna's Laces; Interlaces; Koigu; Hill Country Yarns; Trekking XXL
Row 4: Fearless Fibers; Perchance to Knit; Miscellaneous
Row 5 and Row 6: Knit Picks Memories, Telemark, Essentials, Swish, Merino and Tweed
Pictures of WIPS, Stash and Finished Socks: http://newbhs.blogspot.com/


Kellie said...

Holy smokes Bev!! I need to come and shop your stash!! looking forward to seeing the socks that come out of this lovely collection.

Bev Love said...

*blushing* I know, I could do a 104 pair plunge :p

Barb said...

very pretty stash, lot's of nice socks-to-be :)

Megan-fruitychick.com said...

Wow--I think you have even more than I do--I counted up a couple of weeks ago and I think I'm around 95 pairs to be or so!

Bev Love said...

You're a collector too eh?! I fondle and play with it more than I knit it. I make up little project bags - with good intentions. The patterns in the bags change, but not much gets done. But at least I am organized :)

Linda C. said...

Now, Bev, I hereby invite you to visit me, and here's what you say to my husband, "I don't know HOW your wife can make anything with that tiny, little dibby-dab of yarn she has."

We've got to stick together, you know. Or is that "hang together"?

Bev Love said...

I've got your back Linda, feel free to show him my stash pics!!