08 April 2007

Sign-ups are CLOSED!

Sorry, gals & pals (who haven't signed up yet), but we had to draw the line somewhere...
If you didn't make the cut-off, please accept my apologies & encouragement--I'd love to hear if you try this challenge on your own.

To the current members:
Again, welcome! We are embarking on a rather difficult task, which I know we will handle admirably with help from one another. This should be a space where people feel at home asking questions, as well as sharing advice, technique, & patterns. I look forward to getting to know you all (all 90 of you) in the coming year!


1 comment:

EvaLux said...

There's 90 of us??? Boy am I happy to know that... means I'm not the only crazy one hehehe.

Cheers Eva