08 April 2007

need a baby sock pattern

My friend had a baby Boy and I am sewing up an outfit for him . I'd like to make matching socks. Is there a easy sock pattern that you recommend. I will need to use something washable she won't know to wash with care nor will she want to.

As for my progress I'm still on my first pair but I'll be one with it eventually. They are too big and so I lost some of my motivation. I will try and shrink then when I'm done or I'll look for someone with big feet to give them too. My feet are skinny and I forgot to adjust for that.


Claudia said...

Have you checked Knitting Pattern Central @ http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/baby_socks.php. I always check them out when looking for a pattern and found several that I will be using to knit for my niece.

eKNITabeth said...