08 April 2007

Finally, my first

Thanks to Linda C. for the advice about Opal mini socks. I was sooooo frustrated about my first pair: I couldn't get the right size, I was worried about running out of yarn, I didn't work on them yesterday afternoon because I was playing in the snow. (It snowed in central Texas on Easter weekend...it was 80 degrees on Thursday!!) So, because I had to get something accomplished, I went ahead and made this cute little bookmark (I thought a Pilgrim book was appropriate). I showed it to my parents today and they both want one: my Mom for her textbooks, and my Dad for his Bible. This will knock some out of the way since they only took me about 2 hours to make (while watching Young Frankenstein for the thousandth time).

Keep the needles clacking and Happy Easter,



Linda C. said...

I'm just delighted to know that my posting was an inspiration! When you have an extra 2 hours, go for the basic socks for American Girl dolls!

We also have the same taste in movies. We love Young Frankenstein, too. My husband is always tossing out movie lines, and I have to respond properly, of course.

Good job . . . they look great!

Lynn Forster said...

My boyfriend will deliberately say a line from Young Frankenstein the WRONG way so that I will say it the RIGHT way. Our favorite lines are: "The feeling is mutual," "Thank you,doctor," "Stay close to the candles...the stairway can be treacherous." It's my favorite movie.
I'll check out those American Girl socks. I know some kids who have them. Thanks for the tip. I also saw some socks today for a flat-footed Barbie (like Skipper). They were a little too small for me though.