02 April 2007

Flashing My Sock Yarn Stash

Hey Yall,
I have to admit I'm off to a rocky start. Before this KAL was even thought of(at least to me), I had 2 separate socks on the needle. One for hubby's 13" foot and one patterned sock for me. Well I finished Hubby's first sock, and I wanted to finish mine, so that I can start the KAL fresh with no socks on the needle. I figured I could knit up the lonelies, and make a pair. Well, my plans didn't come into effect. I never finished mine. I actually ripped back quite a bit, to reknit the heel, the way I like it. I did start Hubby's second sock yesterday though. I want to know if maybe I can count his current sock (the one started yesterday) and my current sock (the one I started weeks ago), as a pair if I complete both of them? I mean, with hubby's large foot, it really takes me twice as long to complete a pair. It took me a week to make 1 sock for his boat, whoops I mean foot. So whattdya think? Or is that considered cheating?

While ya'll brew on that, I'll show you a pic of my sock yarn stash. This is my stash in the basket that I've devoted to sock yarn.

And here is my stash once it came tumbling out of said basket:

This is enough for 27 pairs of socks. I do believe I'm off to a good start. Is it strange that I'm actually dreaming about buying sock yarn? Lol.

Well, I'll be back, hopefully sooner than later, with an fo.


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Barb said...

very pretty yarn :)