02 April 2007

Can't bear to flash my stash

Hi folks. Intro, intro.

I'm Juju. I'm in Michigan. A knitting addict -- or maybe just a yarn addict. I think I knit an average amount, but buy yarn in very unaverage spurts. And sock yarn is a particular addiction for me.

I can't flash my stash without digging it all up and out, and that would horrify me, my household, and probably you, too. Let's just say, I won't have to buy any yarn for this KAL.

Speaking of which -- this is insane. Can we fess up to this? It is. The most obsessed sock knitters I know knit, like 24 pairs in a year. But I love the gargantuan goal. And I'm taking it seriously, even if the first pair I cast on yesterday is a fussy stitch on fingering-weight Claudia hand-painted, and size 0 needles.

I'm seeing a lot of worsted socks, baby booties and.... hey do clogs count here? Felted clogs? Can I get a reading from the judges?



eKNITabeth said...

I'm going to have to go with "no" on the clogs... sorry, socks only.

knittingjuju said...

Just as well, just as well. I hardly need a new addiction.