05 June 2007

6-7-8 Knit them straight

I finished pair number 8 last night, but I think I neglected to post pairs 6 & 7 here, although I did post them on my own blog. Two pairs were knit from stash yarn and one from newly acquired yarn. This challenge has kept me hopping, and I haven't knitted anything but socks in two months. I may eventually resort to knitting baby socks to keep up with you sock knitting whirlwinds, but not yet.

I was at a not so LYS a few weeks ago and the owner asked me if I had heard of the 52 pair plunge. I was able to tell him I was a part of it and had been keeping up with the challenge. Due to being sick for two weeks (and distracted) I only finished two pairs of socks in May. I've fallen a little behind, but I've got three single socks all done, so I will catch up. I finished sock one of pair number 9 last night and cast on for its mate right away. Details on my blog.
The lavender pair are the Monkey socks by CookieA, in Shelridge Farms Ultra. Since I made these on 80 stitches to fit my ankles, I ran out of yarn on the toes and had to add some Lorna's Laces nearly solid in violet to finish the pair.

The cream colored pair is made from Regia wool/cotton in the Grapevine Pattern from More SKS by Charlotte Schurch. Great pattern, great book, great yarn too.

Pair eight is made from Opal wool/cotton in Hundertwasser Positive/ Negative. I have about 3/8th's of the skein left, enough to add to a solid blue for some more summer socks. I posted the Vine Lace Stripe pattern for these on my blog. I may add a crocheted edge to the scalloped top, depending on how well they stay up when on my feet.

Happy knitting everyone!

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Jenneke said...

Love the monkey socks! Sorry you ran out of yarn, but you hardly notice the solid toes. Funny that the LYS owner asked you about the 52 pair plunge.