19 April 2007

Week 3 results

Ah, another pair. What a nice feeling of accomplishment.

These are a pair I knit using Dye-namics Yarn, colorway Forest Dreams. This yarn is sport weight, and for reasons I can't remember, I chose size 1 needles. This is a very dense, cozy sock. Too warm for summer, of course, but probably perfect for hiking. The pattern is a derivative of the Railway pattern referenced in Nancy Bush's book Vintage Sock Patterns.


Kerry said...

that is a great colorway. sportweight on sz 1's that must have been smooshy.

melanie said...

Thanks! I guess I'll have to go hiking in them to see exactly how smooshy (I'm hoping alot!)

Elysbeth said...

Okay, add Forest Dream to my shopping list. Lovely colours.