19 April 2007

Just a twinge behind the curve...

... AND for good reason(s)!

I'm half-way through pair #2 (to be remedied this weekend, for sure!), but i have good excuses.
First, i went to visit my family in PA (as attested to by my last post on meeting Joan) and left my favorite sock pattern (yes, Joan, the beaten-up one I showed you) there -- no, despite my best efforts, i haven't completely memorized it!

Secondly, my husband and i are buying a house (no, it's not because my stash is THAT big ;D ... We were just ready to call the townhouse quits). So, that's left me with a good chunk less time as well.

Thirdly, my other passion is reading. I'm not quite at the level where i can do both at once (at least, i can't knit anything with a pattern while i read)... and i've just started reading the Left Behind series (which rock.) that we borrowed from the library and i want to finish the first few before they're due back.

Anyway, it's great to see the fabulous work everyone is doing!


Kellie said...

Oh girl, those books are fantabulous!! Did you know that Wendy (http://wendyknits.net/) reads WHILE she knits her socks.....insanity. Not this chick. Good luck with the house :)

Kerry said...

Wow!! so much excitement going on in your life. Congrats to you. Never fear, I'm completely planning on having to knit 20 pair of baby socks in the last few months since I not nearly as speedy as some of the sock knitters we have here.