07 April 2007


Hey there, gals & pals!

Week ONE is drawing rapidly to a close, as are sign-ups. With but a few hours left on the clock, we are 85 members strong (quick mental math: 85 x 52 = 4420 pair of socks!) and have already completed 29 pairs (counting mine below) collectively... kudos to Augusta for finishing pair #4 already!

As promised, I have created Ratio Bars for the 52PP. I haven't had the time to upload all of them, but you can get bars for pairs 1-5 here.

Finally, here are my week #1 socks:

Women's XL Elfine's Socks by Anna Bell
Jojoland 100% wool in colorway#426 on US2's

Best of luck as week 2 begins!
I'll upload some more ratio bars tonight for our sock speedracers ;D



Heddy said...

very pretty socks! I love the colour!

Bev Love said...

Thanks for creating this challenge. We'll all be talking/blogging/dreaming (night-maring) about it for years :)


Megan-fruitychick.com said...

I love them! I cannot believe I haven't finished any socks yet but I have about five pairs on the needles and a few will be finished soon!

By the way, I got my labryinth rug at Ikea.

Heres the link!